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Amazon's Diamonds

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Amazon's Diamonds Slots

Is there any mistaking another slot from a Novomatic one? We tend to find that the brand not only has a very evident style to their games, they also adhere to the same layout every time. It’s not very often that we start playing a real cash slot without realising that this particular brand is behind the dynamics of it; Novomatic is just so recognisable.

Due to the familiarity for players, it means that you’ll always be able to get stuck in without any issues, for everything you need is in the same place. What is more, even the features of the paytable tend to keep a similar format, with a few exceptions save for their classic slot machines.

So what are we working with when playing Amazon’s Diamonds? There are 5 reels, which is common for most video slots, and there’s 30 paylines all of which can be changed whenever you want. Inside that matrix you have 11 symbols to interact with, with two of them being unique due to them being a wild and a scatter.


When you open up the game, you get the sense that Novomatic have tried to be dramatic with their theme, which appears to have no set direction other than beautiful women and a panther. Yes, it refers to the Amazon in the title, but then you look at the interface and see nothing that connects it to that civilisation.

Nonetheless, while they may have failed to make their design flow, they have succeeded in injecting a lot of vibrancy into their game, and so it’s a visual delight to engage with. There’s no denying that the graphics could be better, for at the moment they’re very two dimensional, but that’s but a minor issue. The images still call out to you, instilling drama into your experience, which is sometimes all we need to feel like the game is immersive.

Stack ‘em up

Stacked symbols do often show up in casino games, but not that often in Novomatic ones, and so we were quite intrigued when we started playing Amazon’s Diamonds. Not that we should have overly got our hopes up, for the feature never activated for us, despite us playing for a prolonged amount of time.

The scatter symbol is the only one that can be stacked, and it’s hard to miss due to its red ball image - what it has to do with the theme, again we have no clue. But we digress. To get the free games associated with the symbol to work their magic, you need to get matches of between seven and nine of a kind, which is a lot larger than what you’ll be used to. The reason being is that the symbol can only land on the middle three reels, forming a type of grid within a grid.

Should you get the nine groupings in all, you’ll be rewarded 30 extra spins, which is a considerable amount to be handed. However, with nothing exciting cropping up during this time, those rounds soon start to wear on your patience, and so you might be begging for the feature to end.

Risky Business

We doubt any of you will be surprised to see a gamble option given in this slot, for the brand (and most out there) offer this as a common trait nowadays. Not that we should downplay the gains that can come from engaging with this additional bonus - as much as x5 of your winnings could be yours.

For that to happen though, you’re going to need to have unbelievable luck, and we mean that most seriously. Novomatic don’t hold back when it comes to volatility, especially in their double or nothings. There are five rounds in all, but to get past the first you’ll need to guess the next card correctly; you may have a 50/50 chance here, but we always find ourselves on the losing side. Coincidence? You decide.

Not My Best Friend

Diamonds are meant to be a girls’ best friend, but in Amazon’s Diamonds they’re not anyone’s friend, for they rarely fall into your lap. You’re more likely to waste your cash as you are to win it back, which sadly seems to be the general gist of most Novomatic titles. If you’re desperate to try out this game, by all means do so, but don’t go expecting anything different to what you’ve already played. Even their design feels generic.

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