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X and O Slots

X and O is a game which is split into two with players choosing between a bottom game and a top game.

If you start with the basic game, you'll be betting just one credit per spin but keep an eye out for the mystery symbol as it could mean that you get a payout of anything up to 200 credits! The mystery symbol could appear on reels 1 and 2 or on three reels, 1, 2 and 3 to qualify for a win.

You don't have to simply accept what's on offer though; if you want the chance to up your prize you can choose to gamble. You'll see an enticing prize ladder luring you in with a whole host of different prizes that you could win. Every time you gamble correctly, you'll move forward another rung on the ladder. If you make a bad choice, you won't be out completely but you will take a step backwards. If your nerve starts to fail, you can hit the Collect button at any point to stop gambling and take your winnings.

In the basic game, the Auto Hold feature is in play which freezes reels which are in promising positions. The rest of the reels are then respun and you hopefully should stand a better chance of notching up a winning combination. You can opt out of Auto Hold at any time by pressing the Reset button. This releases all the reels but will allow the Auto Hold feature to be used again in future spins.

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X and O

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Unique Design

If you've got enough credits you can choose to play on the top game instead; this involves betting either 5 credits or 10 credits per spin of the reels. The Choose Bet button will let you set the stake you want to play with.

If you choose to bet with 5, you'll have eight paylines in play; if you bet with 10 then 14 paylines are in play. However, it's not just the fact that the paylines increase, there's also a rather unusual feature: vertical combinations. Unlike many other fruit slots, betting with 10 allows vertical combinations to be made from the reels too.

You can choose to bet on a certain symbol by clicking on either the X or O buttons. You can choose to bet on both; simply click the X&O button instead. This maxes out your bet to the maximum of 20 credits per spin. This could lead to a maximum payout of 200 credits.

If you're on a winning streak, don't forget to keep an eye on your club meter; there's a maximum limit of 2000 credits so if you're on a roll, you'll need to move some back down to the basic game. This can be done easily by simply clicking on the Collect button.

Trusted Developer

Although Simbat may not be the most familiar name, especially to newbies, they've actually been around for almost a decade and have a proven track history in releasing successful games.

Concentrating on the online slots, bingo and casino market, they've launched more than 200 titles since they first appeared in 2007. Simbat are based in the Seychelles and regulated by the Seychelles government, providing a degree of reassurance to anyone concerned about their credentials.

Simbat have become known for a very distinctive style of play, closely emulating real life casino and slots to recreate the experience in an online environment.

You'll need your device to be Flash enabled to be able to play because all of their games are based on this. However, this means that you won't have to download any software or use an app, a big plus if you're on a mobile device and worried about X and O gobbling up valuable memory space.

Do You Dare to Gamble?

X and O has the basics of any fruit slots game but there's many extra twists and turns in this thrilling game of strategy and luck. There's such a plethora of features, it could feel quite overwhelming to those who are brand new to playing online slots.

Total newbies may find it preferable to start with a basic fruit slots game and then move on to more complex variants once they have a bit more experience. X&O certainly qualifies as a game which is more complex, with its opportunities to gamble and move up and down the ladder. Offering the opportunity to mesmerise and entertain in equal doses, X and O is a winning combination every time.

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