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Cool 777 Slot Machine

Travel to your local casino without even having to leave the comfort of your own and experience all the fun and excitement of an actual slot machine with the game that we are about to introduce.

Cool 777 is a video slot game designed by the Simbat development team. In it, you will be facing a realistic slot machine with all the buttons and commands you need to win big and have fun on the reels. All you need is a pinch of luck and a good introduction to the main features of the game.

While we cannot do anything about luck, we will get you covered as far as the introduction goes. Take a look at our complete review of Cool 777 and you will be ready to start betting in no time…

Back to the Very Basics

It only takes a single glance at Cool 777 to realize that we are dealing with a true, old-school slot machine simulator.

The entire game screen actually represents the interior of a casino, with several slot machines lined up next to each other. The one directly facing you is the one that supports Cool 777. The graphic quality of the game is actually more than decent give the retro theme, and you can even appreciate the high level of details that have been included in the game.

Cool 777 is waiting for you to place your bet and pull the side lever in order to get the reels spinning. Let’s see how to do that in the best conditions possible in the next section of our review.

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Cool 777

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Place Your Bet and Cross Your Fingers

As you have probably guessed, Cool 777 also sticks to classic slot game rules and offers a limited but easy to work with gameplay.

The game matrix only features 3 reels and 3 horizontal paylines, slashing right across the reels. You need to make sure that specific symbol combinations land on activated paylines in order to trigger cash prizes. The command buttons under the reels will allow you to choose the coin value. You can bet 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins per spin. The more you bet, the more paylines are activated.

Betting more on the reels is risky, but it also means that you take a chance at winning the greater rewards available in Cool 777. Use the bet max button to go all-in on all paylines at once, if you are feeling especially lucky. There are no autospin or mini game available in Cool 777, so you have to stick to spinning the reels over and over again manually to progress through the game.

Classic Symbols for a Classic Game

Take a look above the reels and you will notice that the paytable of Cool 777 is right there, permanently on display. It is also interactive and will light up according to your settings and achievements to let you know how you are doing throughout the game.

The reel symbols of Cool 777 belong to only 2 categories: jackpot symbols or sevens. The jackpots can come in single, double or triple size and the sevens are either black or white. One particularity in the game is the fact that you can mix different sevens and different jackpot signs together and still be entitled to a win. Check out the paytable to keep an eye on your progress, but keep in mind that “pure” combinations are always worth more.

The biggest rewards of the game occur with white sevens combinations, which can trigger prizes worth 1,000 times your starting bet. As mentioned before, betting more coins will activate more paylines at the same time. With 4 coins in play, the rewards will be topped up to reach up to x5,000, depending on which paylines the sevens land.

All You Need to Know Is Right in Front of Your Eyes

Cool 777 is a very straightforward slot machine simulator. With the paytable right on top of the reels throughout the game, few symbols to deal with and very simple rules, the game is one of the easiest you can find on the current market.

But this is not to say that Cool 777 is not a challenging slot game. It might take time before you find the right winning combination on the reels, and the few possibilities offered by the game can make it a little frustrating sometimes. Players looking for a challenge and who love old-school game will probably put Cool 777 on their to-play list.

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