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Vegas Slot Machine

If you’ve ever wanted to go to Vegas but never quite made the trip, here’s your chance to enjoy all the glamour and glitz of the best fruit slots. Styled to look like a premier slot game, Vegas is based on a classic design which will be very familiar to regular players.

But will Vegas leave you feeling like you’ve hit the big time? Here’s a look at what you’ll get when you play Vegas by Simbat.

Top or Bottom?

Like many online slots games, there’s the option of playing either the basic game at the bottom or moving on to the top for the chance to win higher prizes.

If you play on the basic game you’ll only have to risk one credit per spin of the three reels.

When you start to rack up some winning credits you can choose whether to move them to the top game ready for play using the Save button. Alternatively you can just hold the winnings in the basic game using the Collect button instead.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could even decide to gamble. If you’re a winner you could walk away with double your money, up to a maximum of 200 credits but if things don’t go your way you could lose everything so think carefully before you click on the Gamble sign!

When you’re playing the bottom game you can choose to accept the Auto Hold feature. This freezes certain reels which are in a promising position while you spin the other reels again. You don’t have to use this feature though; clicking the Reset button will bring all of the reels back into play again.

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Higher Stakes

You can use the Choose Bet button to decide which game to play and how much to bet. Unlike certain other games, you don’t have to play the basic game first.

On the top game you can bet with either 5, 10, 20 or 40 credits for each spin – the more you bet with, the more you could win! The same 5 paylines are in play no matter what you’re betting with, but as the stake climbs, so does the value of the prizes.

When you’re betting with 10 credits per spin, look out for the little red chips which appear on the reels below the regular symbols. If you match three on a payline you’ll unlock the bonus game which brings the top reels into play and gives you free spins. You won’t know how many free spins you’ll get but you’re guaranteed winnings of between 100 and 1000 credits.

If you bet with 20 credits per spin, you can also include the blue chips when you’re looking for your winning bonus payline. Boost your bet to 40 credits and you can jumble up the colour of the chips and still unlock the bonus feature!

When you’re playing the bonus game, your winnings will show on the Vegas Meter. Once the bonus has finished, the credits will move back over to your club meter where you can choose to either play with them or transfer them down to the lower game for collection.

Become an Expert

Whether you’re brand new to the world of online slots or a regular player, it’s a good idea to understand how the game works before gambling with any of your cash.

Simbat offer a useful feature on their games which is included in Vegas: the opportunity to play in a simulation mode with a virtual bank balance. This provides full access to every feature of the game and it plays exactly like the real thing. The only difference is that it won’t be a penny of your own money that you’re risking!

This simulation feature is ideal for familiarising yourself with Vegas, but as well as just working out how to play it, you can go one step further and experiment with different strategies. Practice, practice, practice….and you might just hit the jackpot when you play for real cash!

Go to Vegas, Baby!

There’s an ever-present glamour associated with Vegas and with this online fruit slots game, Simbat have managed to capture the same feeling.

Although the format is similar to many other slots, the prizes up for grabs here are much higher. The concept is very straightforward so it’s a game that’s playable by both newbies and those more experienced. And with the choice of playing for a low stake or betting high for big prizes, there’s plenty of versatility no matter what style you prefer.

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