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The Stonehenge slot machine created by Simbat is in honour of the magical site that was formed thousands of years ago. How it got there is still a mystery to many even to this day, but slot fans will be impressed by this game’s offering of bonuses, in-play simplicity and a design that reminds players of what the stunning British countryside has to offer.

One feature that is sure to appeal to players is the opportunity to double their winnings up to 200 credits in the basic version of the slot. This can be done by trying to correctly predict the outcome of a coin toss, which is displayed in the centre of the screen. With what seems to be a medieval coin, players can pick either heads or tails after every time they get a winning combination on the basic version of the slot. Guess correctly and the payout will be doubled, get it wrong and they risk losing it all. This fun feature is sure to appeal to those that love a risk in their slot machine experience.

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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A Greenery of Graphics

The design of the slot is truly fantastic and the background, which represents the location of where the famous Celtic monument is and what it's surrounded by, is brilliantly executed by developers Simbat. In fact, they've even included the rocks in the top left of the screen as if players were taking an aerial tour of the site.

Let's hope the magic of the mystical site will rub off on the players' fortune when it comes to the online casino – it certainly is possible. This is one of the best displays in Simbat's portfolio of games, Stonehenge flows on the screen and is a stunning sight to behold, much like the place itself.

In terms of the in-play displays, the reels used for the basic game, which accepts one credit on just one payline, is displayed in the bottom section of the screen. The paytable and the items that could tumble down these reels are displayed either side of the three wheels, with players able to win a payout if just two of the same icons appear in the active line. The top version of the slot, where players can bet either 5, 10, 15 or 20 credits per spin, are located in the top section of the screen. Again, the paytable for this is displayed specifically for this slot and this time it's positioned just below the reels themselves. Best to check the respective reels depending on what bet level and reels players wish to spin before they decide.

Vertical Arrows Provide a Criss Cross Combination

Next to the basic reels, players will notice two vertical arrows, pointing either up or down. Should both of them be lit, players will be able to collect winning combinations using the criss-cross feature.

Promising positions are automatically held in this version of the slot, while players can also hold reels by clicking the 'hold' buttons located below the reels. This allows players to influence the slot results and should there be lucrative symbols in the payline, it may be sensible to try and influence the result and clicking hold.

In terms of moving in-between both versions made available on the Stonehenge slot, this is easily done just by clicking the choose bet button. Players, therefore, can immediately start enjoying the top version of the slot. They don't need to have won big on basic to qualify.

A common feature on Simbat games is the autoplay option, and it can be activated by players clicking the yellow button that is positioned on the right hand side of the machine. It’s ideal for those that'd rather have their feet up and enjoy the stunning views the Stonehenge slot game has to offer.

Shield Symbols Provide Mystery Payouts

Those that decide to enjoy the basic version of the game, three shield symbols are icons that players should look out for. Three of them appearing will trigger a payout of anything between 10 and 200 credits – which is sensational considering just 1 credit is staked on each play!

In the top version, three shield symbols will also pay anything between 10 and 200 credits. However, this is more likely for those that stake 10, 15 or 20 credits per play as additional symbols are added to the reels, which mean a better chance of winning!

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