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In the Money Slot

Slot game players can be attracted to many aspects of a given game, but we must admit that it always boils down to one factor: how much money is at stake.

In the Money is a Simbat video slot game that basically focuses on just that. Everything in the game revolves around cold cash, with a retro atmosphere that is typical in Simbat games. Get ready for a fun and potentially very rewarding betting experience on the reels.

The stakes are quite high in In the Money, and we are here to give you a thorough introduction to the game. Let’s dive right in.

Money, Money, Money

In the Money sticks to relatively simple graphics but still manages to create an original atmosphere for players to enjoy.

The game is based on a classic look, which should be familiar to the players who have already enjoyed other Simbat slots in the past. The game screen shows a long row of slot machine, with focus on one that is actually running In the Money.

The machine itself has two parts, with a massive and interactive paytable on the top and the reels and command buttons in the bottom, framed with dollar bills. In the Money is quite pleasant to look at overall, but let’s see what the actual gameplay feels like in the next section…

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In the Money

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Simple Settings and Big Wins at Stake

In the Money looks and feels like a classic slot machine simulator. As such, you only have a few steps to take before spinning the reels.

The game is played on a small 3-reel matrix, which features only one horizontal payline right in the middle. As you can probably guess, your task consists of making sure that winning symbol combinations do land safely onto that payline in order to trigger a cash prize. You can choose to bet either 1, 2 or 3 credits per spin in In the Money. The (+) and (-) buttons all the way at the bottom of the screen are there to let you choose the value of a credit in the game.

Your rewards are calculated according to the type of combinations that you land and the size of your wager as well. In other words, bigger bets trigger bigger rewards. You can click the bet max button in order to place the highest bet possible instantly. Otherwise, you also have the option to set the game on autospin mode and let the reels spin on their own with a constant bet over and over again.

Casino Classic and Nothing More

The paytable of In the Money is based on classic casino symbols, with a golden redesign that turned most of them into shiny icons.

The most common combinations contain cherries and bar signs. You can find either single, double or triple bar signs on the reels, and win up to 40 credits with them on a 3-credit bet.

There are also 2 kinds of sevens on the reels, golden and red. These symbols are the rarest in the basic paytable, and you can win up to 10,000 credits at once with a triple red seven combination on a 3-credit bet.

Eyes on the Big Prizes

In the Money might be a vintage-looking slot game, it still features a handful of special functions that will help you score some extra credits when you least expect it.

There is for instance a special bar 5 symbol, which can be used either to form a regular winning combinations or to replace another classic bar sign. This selective wild card, so to say, multiplies the value of the combination it helps complete by either 5 or 25, if 2 or them show up simultaneously.

The game logo is yet another special symbol in In the Money. Find 3 of them at the same time in any position and you will win a surprise reward between 20 and 500 credits.

It’s All About the Money, Money, Money…

In the Money might not be the most original slot game there is on the current market, but it still has some good arguments in its favor.

The progressive bet system makes it easy even for beginners to control the level of risk they are willing to take on the risk. That being said, the true big wins only appear when 3 credits are put into play. Keep that in mind and do not hesitate to take that extra risk whenever you feel that luck is on your side.

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