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Looping Slots

Get ready to take some altitude and experience a simple yet fun game that will send you flight high.

Looping is a video slot game designed by Simbat that got inspired by aerobatics and the exciting wold of in-flight stunts. The game is both a retro slot machine with a dynamic gameplay spanning several bet levels and a challenging experience that could prove very rewarding, if you know what you are doing.

In order to make sure that you do, take a moment to read our full review of Looping and get ready for a true adrenaline rush on the reels.

A Winning Look

Simbat is famous for adaptation its many game within a certain graphic template that players will be able to recognize immediately.

As such, Looping is set primarily in a virtual casino. Facing the players is a large slot machine in the middle of a low row of other games. The one you will be using has two parts. On the top, you have an interactive paytable framed by tiny blue airplanes. The bottom of the machine has the reels and the few command buttons that the game requires.

In short, Looping has a very simple look that was not meant to impress but rather to make the gaming experience as smooth and familiar to all players. Now let’s see what all these buttons are actually for.

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One Credit Is All That It Takes to Get Started

Looping benefits from a simplified gameplay that makes things extremely easy for the players right from the start.

The game is indeed organized around 3 spinning reels and a single payline that crosses them horizontally right in the middle. As you have probably guessed, you will have to try your best to land specific symbol combinations on to that payline in order to trigger cash prizes, which will be automatically transferred to your credit total.

For each spin, you can bet either 1, 2 or 3 credits. The individual credit value can be changed thanks to the small green (+) and (-) buttons at the bottom. Remember that the more you bet on the reels, the larger your future rewards can begin. Should you feel particularly in luck, try the bet max shortcut to go all in on all paylines at once. You are of course free to modify your bet settings as often as you like during the game, but as you can see your choices are quite limited by the gameplay itself.

A Closer Look at the Paytable

If you want to make sure that you are aiming for the largest rewards available in Looping, then you need to know what exactly is on the paytable. Fortunately, an exhaustive list of all the winning combinations available in the game is on permanent display at the top of the machine.

The most common symbols are the silver plane, the bar signs and the red sevens. The bar signs can come in single, double or triple size, and you can combine them together to win a modest prize.

As you can see the paytable is split into 3 different rows, which will individually light up according to your bet settings. You can win up to 160 credits at once for a triple seven combination on a 2-credit bet. The most interesting symbols and rewards come when you dare bet all 3 credits at once, as we will see next.

Go All-in to Win Big

The 2 last symbols of Looping are a little special and bring some specific bonuses to the table every time they show up on the reels.

The Looping, for instance, is a wild card that can easily replace all the symbols listed so far on the reels. Combinations that contain a logo can also give you a free re-spin for a chance at scoring the same own once again. Logo combinations can be worth either 100, 200 or 500 credits in the 3 bet levels.

The blue plane is the ultimate wild, as he can replace absolutely all other symbols at once. Try to combine them to win up to 6000 credits for a 3-credit bet.

Plenty of Excitement in a Small Packaging

Looping is clearly a low-key slot game with a retro theme and simple rules. This can be a double-edged swords, since players who favour high graphic quality and impressive animations will not find any of this here.

On the other hand, if you can focus purely on the rewards at stake, you will appreciate the double wild system and the easy gameplay that makes Looping accessible for all.

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