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Gold Lines Slots

The Gold Lines is a slot game that is split into two modes, basic and top. This format is accustomed to what Simbat offers its players in all their games, with their portfolio full of games that are split into two. Gold Lines slot game isn't too dissimilar to what their other games offer, so those that like Simbat and the slot games they have created will no doubt enjoy.

One feature in Gold Lines that isn't only found in Simbat games is the autoplay function. This allows players the chance to let the computer deal with all the in-play admin while they either enjoy the visual of the reels spinning and stopping or do other tasks that need doing on the computer.

The thrill with this option is finding out whether they've won big on a game that gives the opportunity to play in a range of formats. That's because the amount of reels and paylines included in the slot vary depending on how many coins are wagered on the spin. Either way, though, the autoplay function is there to be enjoyed.

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Gold Lines

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Dark Background to a Golden Game

The design of this slot game, despite it's golden title, is actually dark and gloomy. The whole screen is somewhat dominated by a black background where the reels and paytables are placed upon. We think it kind of ruins the illusion of this game being all about the precious metal and whether it would appear in the reels.

The only glimmer of gold on the screen is the title of the game, which is located in the top left hand corner, two of the in-play buttons at the foot of the page and the borders surrounding all the icons on the screen. In all honesty, we felt underwhelmed about how the game has been designed.

The paytable are icons that are often found in slot machines the world over. In terms of what they are and the order the in terms of their value, these are: oranges, green apples, blackberries, watermelon, golden bells, red sevens, a bar sign and a gold lines jackpot sign.

These icons are for the top mode, while the basic version has its paytable shown adjacent to the reels.

Basic Mode That's Easy for Anyone to Understand

The basic mode of the Gold Lines slot game offers just one payline and the opportunity to just bet the one credit per spin. It's perfectly suited for those new to online casino slot machines and how they work.

In terms of in-play functions, players have the opportunity to hold any of the basic reels at any time. Should there be a couple of lucrative icons positioned in the payline of two of the three reels, the player might be best place to hold those reels and hope the same symbol appears in the third reel, leading to a big payout! This is a good inclusion to the basic mode's in-play and will no doubt prove popular for players.

Top Version That Offers More

The top game can be played using a stake of either 4, 8 or 16 credits. The amount wagered on the game will be the amount of paylines that become active in the 4 reels. A stake of 4 credits will lead to a game of 4 paylines and so forth. Should three star symbols appear, they will criss-cross across the reels and give a prize of 20 coins. Now that's a star return!

Players will need to line up three icons to win in this format, and with their being four reels, players stand a better chance of doing so. The top version perfectly suits the player that wants to win big and likes taking risks.

It's All About Winning and Matching Gold

The Gold Lines slot game by Simbat is exactly like their other casino games. The in-play is split into two and the graphics are designed as if the machine is placed in a real-life casino, with slots adjacent to the Gold Lines machine.

It's a shame about the lack of gold that is displayed on the screen, but the overall in-play and paytable is worthy in itself for players to give it a spin. What are you going to play on, the basic or top mode?

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