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Mad Timer Slots

A deceptively simple looking game, Mad Timer by Simbat harnesses all the appeal of a traditional fruit slot but with some extra clever twists to enjoy.

Fans of retro slots will love Mad Timer, with its uncluttered design and focus on the two set sets of reels. But there’s lots more going on than first meets the eye with three separate games and lots of chances to win.

But is Mad Timer a work of genius or just simply insane? Here’s a review of Mad Timer and what you can expect during gameplay.

Spin Your Cherries

Simbat are a developer who are well known for their ability to create lifelike games in an online environment and Mad Timer is no exception.

The double set of reels focuses on the large fruity symbols which will be very familiar from real life fruit machines. Cherries, melon, grapes and the number 7 are just a few of the iconic symbols you’ll see whizzing around your screen.

And the rest of the layout doesn’t deviate from a traditional fruit slot either, with not much else apart from win tables, cash meters and Hold, Collect and Start Buttons on your screen.

The whole game works exactly how you’d expect, with a simple payout table and large reels making it easy to see if you’ve won. A design that would work beautifully in real life translates just as well to electronic play.

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Mad Timer

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Triple the Fun

On first glance, Mad Timer may look simple – some may say rather boring in fact – but there’s actually three different games to play and lots of chances to gamble.

When you begin to play, you’ll start with the basic game, before moving on to 1/0-game and then potentially the top game, too.

All three games offer different odds for winning, with a variety of real cash credits up for grabs. Do you feel lucky today? You’ve got triple the chances of winning with three separate games, so why not have a spin?

Beginning With the Basics

When you play Mad Timer for the first time you’ll start nice and easy with the basic game. This gives you the chance to begin gently before going on to play with higher stakes.

The basic game only costs one credit per spin, and with extra features such as the Hold button, you could increase your chances of winning. There’s just one payline which runs right through the centre, other than when you spin a star which activates the criss-cross line too.

Once you’ve notched up at least four credits in the basic game, you can move them to one of the meters at the top, ready for play.

Play for Bigger Prizes

Once you’ve played on the bottom game, you have the choice of playing one of the two other games on Mad Timer.

The first that you’ll get to try is 1/0-game where the odds are stacked in your favour: you have a 99.9% chance of winning! There are not many games that offer those kind of odds, so it’s worth a spin.

You can then move onto the top game, where you could win up to 200 credits. You’ll need to bet 5 credits per spin to play the top game but with five paylines unlocked, there’s a much better chance of winning.

Take a Gamble

One of the features of Mad Timer is the built-in feature that automatically gambles in certain circumstances…whether you want to or not!

On the first set of reels, spinning and winning two credits (berries) will lead to an automatic gamble. If you’re lucky you could double your winnings, but if it’s not your day, you’ll lose everything you gambled with.

If you try to move one credit from any of the four bank meters located at the top back to the credit meter, you’ll automatically face another gamble. This gives you the chance to quadruple your credit, or once again, face losing it.

This is a nifty little feature that could help to rack up your money, but if you’re not aware of the way the game works, you could end up inadvertently gambling without realising it.

Mad Fun!

Mad Timer by Simbat is a fruit slots game which has lots of little side gambles and games, so it’s one that best played by someone with a bit of experience. However, with the chance to play for fun rather than real cash, anyone can quickly get to know the game without risking any of their own money.

The game isn’t the most vibrant to look at, but the smooth gameplay and clever twists to classic fruits make Mad Timer worth your while.

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