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Lotus Slot

Major casino software developer Simbat is back with another game, with this new online slots title certainly having casino portals across the world abuzz. This fresh looking slot machine is titled Lotus and features a lovely little flower theme.

After exploring plenty of different themes from across Asia and Europe, this time Simbat opted to create a more old school gambling experience. The game is given a nice atmosphere, thanks to the golden adornments on the borders and the lotuses on display.

Lotus is definitely visually appealing title, with it meshing together classic designs with a relaxing aura. But, as we know, visuals aren’t the be all and end all of an online slots release, so does Lotus appeal on a gameplay level? Let’s find out!

Blooming Buds

Given that Lotus is a Simbat release, it embodies that classic slot machine feel, with a two part game setup put in place. The Lotus basic game is played using the lower three reels and is played using one credit per spin, which works out at 10 cents in cost. The game is played along one payline, which is handily highlighted for you.

There is also a paytable displayed that you can see below the reels that tells you how much each combination is worth. In order to count as a “win”, the matching symbols have to line up from left to right. The trophy symbol awards you a mystery prize. Getting two of the trophies will give a prize between 4 coins and 200 coins, while three of them will payout a prize between 8 coins and 200 coins.

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Join the Club

The money that you win in the basic game can be doubled up to 200 coins through the Gamble feature. It’s a simple game of “Heads or Tails” where if you guess right you double your money, but guess wrong and you may lose it all. Any money you win in the base game can be sent to the top game by pressing the “Club Metre” button.

Flowering With Added Fire

When you put enough coins in the club metre you can then fire up the top game. This game is played on the upper three reels and you can bet either 4 coins or 8 coins a spin. The top game also features its own paytable of prizes, with the prizes for betting 8 coins are worth twice as much as the prizes when betting 4 coins. If you’re lucky enough to land more than one winning combination in a spin then your winnings can certainly stack up while playing Lotus.

Hold Your Guns

Another key element of Lotus is the automatic hold feature. This automatically holds a reel in place when a good symbol comes up. You can press the “Reset” button to unlock a locked reel or choose to hold a reel yourself by manually clicking the “Hold” button.

The top game also features the same auto-hold feature as the bottom game does. Remember, you can freely hold a winning combination, but you can only do this once. You need to spin the reels again afterwards to unlock the hold feature again.

Two-Part Game, One Part Control Panel

Lotus may feature a two-part framework, but in the controls department the game proves to be as basic as every. On the control panel, which is located at the bottom of the screen, you will find buttons for the following; Start, Tail, Head, Change Bet, Collect, Reset, Hold, and Autoplay.

With these controls you can start the reels spinning, bet heads, bet tails, change your bet in the top game, reset the auto-hold feature, implement the hold feature, set up autoplay, and collect any winnings you’ve secured. From a control standpoint Simbat have kept things simple in Lotus and should be commended for that.

Lapping Up the Scent of Lotus!

From the looks of things Lotus is yet another great slot machine offering from Simbat. They’ve always placed a value on their artwork and every game they make is visually appealing. Lotus is no exception and comes with a wonderfully designed theme, which includes gilded borders, glimmering symbols, silkily animations, and chirpy sound effects that complete the package.

Lotus is also able to stand up as a great gambling experience that is sure to please every gambler. If you aren’t sure which video slot to play next then give Lotus a go, odds are it will give you the thrills and spills that you’re looking for.

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