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Devil's Lair Slot Machine

Slot game players are never afraid to get out of their comfort zone to explore various virtual universes and uncover their secrets to win the jackpot.

Devil’s Lair is a video slot game from Simbat that will take players straight to hell. This retro game features an original gameplay that will evolve constantly according to the choices that you make on the reels. Tread carefully though, as the devil is no kind with unwelcome outsiders.

Take a look at our complete review of Devil’s Lair to get a better idea of what to expect in the game and of the best ways to win big on the reels…

The Slot Machine from Hell

Devil’s Lair sticks to a vintage look that Simbat is well known for, which will take players back to the casino in an instant.

The entire game screen is actually occupied by a giant old-school slot machine, covered in glowing flames. The reels and paytable are located right above a row of square-shaped, flashing buttons. The top of the machine contains two different counters that play a very important role in the game, as we will see.

Devil’s Lair is quite impressive to look at, and perhaps a little overwhelming at first, especially for beginner players. Let’s walk through the basic gameplay together in the next section of the review to try and make sense of it all.

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Devil's Lair

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Place the Bet You Want on the Reels

Devil’s Lair is characterized by a dynamic gameplay that offers players many ways to win on the reels. Let’s begin with the basic game mode here.

The base game is played on 4 reels and 2 paylines at once. Each spin costs 1 credit, and these settings are fixed at the beginning of the game. Your goal is to try and land specific symbol combinations on the paylines in order to trigger a cash prize, which you will pocket immediately. All the command buttons that you need are located right under the reels. Every time a promising configuration of symbols appear, the corresponding are held into placed automatically for the next spin. You can of course hold and release reels manually as well.

Each win gives players the possibility to play a simple mini game for at chance to double their reward. Simply choose head or tails on a virtual coin toss, and cross your fingers. Alternatively, you can choose to switch to the autospin game mode and let the reels spin loose on their own for as long as you like in order to speed up the game a little.

What to Expect on the Reels

The basic paytable of Devil’s Lair is a classic array of reel symbols that should be familiar to most players, especially amateurs of vintage slot games.

From top to bottom, try to find combinations of cherries, lemons, apples, plums, strawberries, grapes and watermelons. With a 1-credit bet, these combinations can be worth up to 40 credits at once.

The devil symbol is a little special here. Combinations with him can we worth no less than 100 credits, and you can still score wins with him across the paylines, in diagonals, wherever it lands.

Now Things Are Getting Interesting

The main feature of Devil’s Lair is its progressive gameplay, which lets you take some extra risks to win bigger rewards.

You can transfer some of your won credits to the club meter and use them to increase the size of the game matrix. Bet 5 credits to play on 3 reels with 5 paylines, or bet 10 or 20 credits to reactive all 4 reels and play with 10 paylines activated.

At any time, you can choose to transfer your credits from the club meter back to your personal stash, or inversely take some credits out and put them back into play. There are many possibilities, and always keep an eye out on the devil symbols as you play: fill up the counters on the right-hand side of the screen to raise hell and unlock some super big wins going over 200 credits.

Simple at First, but Much More Challenging Than Expected

Devil’s Lair is a retro slot game with a basic gameplay that quickly evolves into something fun and challenging if you are willing to take a risk.

Switch to higher bets as soon as you can to maximize your chances to win big, and do not forget that the devil symbol can pay in any position on the reels.

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