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It’s undisputedly a matter of fact that fewer games in today’s interactive video slot industry are modelled upon the more classic, card based gambling games of yesteryear. Back in the day it was as though every second game would feature at least one or two references to a card game or two, but now with the evolution of the technology that surrounds, cloaks and ultimately dominates the industry, the bigger developers seem more set upon including more ambitious themes within their games.

From larger than life superheroes to the depiction of natural disasters – it seems as though the general message is ‘the bigger the better’. That isn’t the case with Club 21.

Thankfully, there are still one or two developers out there who put forth the effort required to retain both originality and the older values that many players still hold very dear. These rogues may be few and far between, but they all have an aesthetical leader – Simbat Entertainment Systems. This development house is undoubtedly the pack frontrunner when it comes to the production of games that call upon the mechanics of the classic card games with which gambling as a whole originated.

One of the more recent releases from Simbat, a team that has become highly prolific on account of their constant output, is Club 21. This simplistic yet sophisticated video slot is a highly interactive gem of a game and is modelled around the infamous casino-based 3 card game ‘21’ – otherwise known as Pontoon.

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Club 21

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21 Reasons to Love It

As is standard with Simbat releases that offer the authentic throwback experience, Club 21 is a game that is split across two separate levels. With both a Basic game and a Top game, Club 21 kicks out twice the amount of fun than would be yielded were it a single platform.

The basic game features a shrouded and secretive prize that varies anywhere between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 200 credits – springing out on the player at any given point to seriously improve their day/gaming experience! Triggered when a player manages to collect a total of 4 card symbols, players are offered the option to either gamble their credits at this point on a 50:50 basis (red or black), or save them up and shoot for the top game.

The Top game is where the real fun is, as you’d expect. Offering each player the opportunity to double their credits if they manage to successfully take on and defeat the dealer/banker whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t come more casino oriented than this!

This additional round plays in exactly the same way as automated blackjack – with the ‘Card’ button dispensing another card and ‘Stand’ function sticking you where you are. All credits accumulated in the Top game can be transferred back down to the basic game by using the Collect/Reset icon.

This level of communication between the two levels of the game makes for a more seamless rate of play and there’s no question that it adds to the general attractiveness of a game that seems a little mundane on the surface.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Modelled upon a classic pub corner slot machine or pokie, the Club 21 interactive video slot game is unquestionably a generic looking console. There’s not a great deal about a first glance at this machine that is likely to send you into orbit, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the meat and bones that are on offer here.

If there’s one thing that all dedicated players of slots games should know, it’s that looks are not everything. There’s usually a lot more than meets the eye with any slot game, particularly those that don’t appear as though they’re capable of all that much!

Join the Club?

Though presenting a very crisp and thoughtfully designed package to the player, Club 21 is not exactly the most exciting looking slot game on the market, that much is certain. The perfect game manages to fuse successfully a host of unique, attractive features and good looks alongside a high rate of play – in terms of both payout potential and exciting and dynamic features.

One out of two isn’t all that bad, and with an interesting format and gaming structure – Club 21 definitely carries enough weight along with it to make it worthy of a shot. After all, if any developer worth their salt was to pick consecutively between looks or practicality – they’d most definitely opt for the latter, wouldn’t they?

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