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Blue Glow Slot

With a beautiful blue background and striking graphics, Blue Glow is a sophisticated slot game.

Spin the reels and match the fruity symbols in this simple yet compelling online slot which offers lots of prizes. But will this game leave you glowing with pleasure or just feeling blue? Here’s a review of Blue Glow and what you can expect when you play.

Two Times the Fun

Although there’s just one set of reels with Blue Glow, there’s the chance to choose whether to play on either the basic or top game.

If you’re playing on the basic game, there’s just one payline unlocked and it costs just one credit per spin.

You’ll enjoy useful features such as the auto hold facility which freezes reels which could increase your chances of winning on the next spin. You’ll be able to tell instantly which reels have been frozen because the Hold button will no longer be flashing and available for play. If you want to play to your own strategy, clicking on the Reset button will release the frozen reels and they’ll all be back in play. Auto hold only works for one spin so if you don’t strike it lucky, all the reels will automatically be back in play on the following turn.

The top game costs more to play, with the option of five or ten credits per spin. It’s easy to flick between the basic game and the top game, and the same button sets the amount you want to bet in the latter. You’ll have the option of choosing either 5 or 10 credits per spin on the top game, but you’ll have more opportunities to win with 10 paylines in play.

If you choose to bet with 10 on the top game, you’ll also receive the Joker symbol. This transforms the bell into a wild symbol, allowing it to replace any other symbol on the reels to make up a winning combination.

The top game has a maximum ceiling of 2,000 credits; if you’re lucky enough to win more than this the surplus will be moved back down to the basic meter.

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Blue Glow

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Double or Quits?

When you’ve built up a healthy stash, you might decide it’s time to take your winnings and walk. But before you go, you might want to think about one last chance to up your earnings.

Blue Glow offers a Gamble feature which means that you could double up your total to a maximum of 200 credits. But think carefully before you take the plunge! If you don’t win, you’ll lose everything you’re gambling with!

If your credit is more than 100 you won’t be able to use the gamble option as it will exceed the maximum 200 credits payout.

The gamble is a simple concept based on the Heads or Tails game that everyone knows. If it goes the right way, you’ll have won some easy money but you could end up regretting your decision to risk it all!


Some slots can look messy and complicated, with lots of symbols crowding onto the screen making it difficult to work out exactly what you’re looking at but that’s not the case with Blue Glow.

Simbat have worked hard to create a game which is beautifully simple, with a clear and uncluttered layout, without sacrificing any of the chances to win.

With only one set of reels, there’s far more room to set out the potential prizes clearly and you can see at a glance exactly what you’re aiming for.

And while the layout certainly works well, the cool blue background makes the whole game easy on the eyes so you won’t end up feeling the glare after just a short time of playing.

Top Developers

The creators behind the Blue Glow game are Simbat, a long-established provider of casino, slots and online bingo games.

With more than 100 games in their portfolio, you might be surprised that you’ve never heard of Simbat before. However, although they have a low profile compared to some of the top companies in the industry they’ve built up a dedicated following thanks to the quality of their games.

Simbat build their games based on Flash which is what gives each one the rich depth of detail and vivid colours. Unfortunately this means that Blue Glow won’t be available on all devices as they must be Flash-enable to be compatible.

Glowing with Pleasure

Blue Glow is a deceptively simple game which offers engrossing gameplay that is well designed and planned out. There’s plenty of options to keep both new and experienced players entertained but this probably isn’t the game for you if you’re looking for one which pays out big money.

Nevertheless, there are lots of options to win and you could be surprised at how quickly your money mounts up with lots of smaller prizes.

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