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Cash Spinner Slots

The premise upon which the cash spinner slot operates is a delightfully simple on. Taking place across 3 different reels with just 1 payline, many players are immediately put off from taking the plunge and giving this game a go on account of its slim build. Never really ones to put out a game that doesn’t offer a comprehensive number of ways to land upon some serious money, Simbat Entertainment Systems had some questions to answer…

The games single payline runs over the middle three symbols on the reels and each winning combination that presents itself must appears on the payline in order to yield any form of prize, multiplier or bonus trigger. The cost of a spin is 1 credit per spin and so far all of this is very basic and telling of a game that would in fact be best avoided by the high rollers among us all!


The theme which shrouds this seemingly straightforward and non-lucrative game is unfortunately one that instantly stinks of a lack of imagination on the developer’s part. Sure, there is a certain bracket within the modern slots industry which needs to be indulged somewhat by the old style, straight shooting and frankly tedious ‘cash’ titled games, but everyone has come to expect a certain standard from the higher tier development houses such as Simbat.

The one saving grace of the theme is the Money Spinner feature itself, which injects a definite new (and much needed!) lease of life into the rather mundane graphics and layout. But just how easy is it to engage this feature? Moving swiftly onwards…

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Cash Spinner

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Unlocking Potential

Whenever the Spinner symbol forms any part of an on-reel combination, the huge Money Spinner which dominates the in-game landscape will slowly begin to spin. This usually results in some kind of bonus round being triggered in which players are offered the chance to win more credits by way of multipliers.

Credits that are won during the basic game can also be double rather easily – via the ‘Head Tail’ game. This neat little feature will offer players the straight up option of picking either Heads or Tails, with all correct answers resulting in an instant pot double-up. Every time a player selects the right side of the coin, they not only receive a 2x multiplier, but another shot at it. Good luck in this bonus can quickly see pots boosted to a more desirable level, which of course instantly makes the game much more interesting! A particular cool feature of the games design that become useful at this stage is the ‘To Club’ meter, which allows players to boost up their earnings in the bottom game to the top game.

The Spinner

The Cash Spinner itself possesses an auto hold function which means the rollers are held with a potential chance of winning in the next round. This can prove useful, though for players who disagree, it can be disabled at any point.

The continuation of the Money Spinner game is played with a bet of 5 or 10 credits per spin. This is played on the same roll as the basic game. To play the game continuation, it is not necessary to first negotiate through the base game, which adds a definite edge to the whole process and is likely to open up the game to a far wider audience.

There have been worse concepts for a tiered slot game in the past, though there have also been worse concepts executed more effectively than this. This game definitely sits somewhere in the vast middle ground of the slots world, and it’s likely to take any player a fair length of time to determine whether or not they’re into it at all.

A Better Use of Time

There’s no question that this game will appeal to a wide range of gamers out there. With its single unique feature well and truly in place, many could convincingly argue that it has everything it could ever need in order to excel.

The fact remains however that given the amount of slots all competing for a user’s attention within the modern online gaming market, there are innumerable games that are far more worth the time of the average player – many of them from Simbat!

Cash Spinner is a well-constructed game that can offer a modest payday if persevered with for long enough, but is that enough to seal its place as a modern classic? If it is, then it shouldn’t be.

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