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Cashino Slot

In the Cashino, everyone is constantly on the lookout for one thing and one thing only: the next big win. More accurately, their next big win. If you’re a slots player who enjoys a heightened level of anonymity and privacy while you play, so in other words an absolute lone wolf (or perhaps a shark?!), then Cashino is probably the game you should be making your next stake on.

Developed by the 5-star team at Simbat Entertainment systems, Cashino is one of those games that you just can’t help but love. From the moment the console loads, you know exactly what you’re in for and you couldn’t be more pleased about it. Games such as this are becoming thin on the ground of late, as advancements in gaming technology pushes out the simpler concepts in favour of high budget, and often highly ludicrous, top spec releases. With this in mind, is it worth embracing?

Constitution of a Cash Cow

The Cashino slot is split between two separate games. First up is the basic, or lower, game wherein players will try their luck with just a 1-credit bet on the reels which host just 5 individual paylines. One credit is equal to the value of 0.10 and each of the paylines are all visible via the thin coloured lines that you see running across the symbols games themselves. Various wagers are required to even get in the running for various prizes, the details of which soon become clear after commencing play and running through one or two rounds.

The prizes you can win in the base game can all be doubled up to a maximum of 200 credits thanks to the integrated special Gamble function. This function works on a very basic ‘heads or tails’ format and encourages the player to keep going in the event of a win. Very tempting stuff, and ultimately very worthwhile if you’ve got lady luck on your side! At any point during this extra feature players may opt out and leave with their funds by tapping the Collect button.

As for the top game, this can only be accessed by players with sufficient credits remaining after a stint in the base game. This game functions in much the same way as its predecessor, though can be played with a range of credits: from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 32 per line per spin. With a total of five active paylines, this makes for a sizeable stake limit and in turn is where the real action is to be found in the Cashino.

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Additional Considerations

The Cashino slot comes complete with an integrated automatic hold function. This means that the rollers can all be fixed in place and their symbols used to form any combinations that may become obvious and available after the ensuing spin. Despite being far from a unique feature, there’s no question that hold capability is become increasingly rare. Who knows why this is, but for many a game that features it is a game worth trying out!

Further to this, the Cashino also features an autoplay function that keeps things ticking over nicely for players who are comfortable in their own skin and have been around the block enough times to truly know how these things work. Beyond these limited functions however, there’s nothing all that notable or otherwise remarkable to report about the Cashino.

Cashino Flair

There’s no question that Cashino is a game which carries itself very well indeed. In its creation, Simbat Entertainment Systems have done exceedingly well to offer up a game that manages to retain a certain mature flavour is still wildly accessible and playable for players of all experience levels and indeed tastes.

Any reservations likely to emerge would be in relation to the number of pop-out and additional features and functions that act to make this game one that people are going to want to keep on returning to.

Beyond a clever name and a fairly generous top tier game, the Cashino slot is not really all that remarkable, though it does still possess a certain flair. Just what that flair is made up of is astoundingly difficult to put your finger on, but once you’ve had a go you’ll know exactly that it does exist.

Far from being Simbat most alluring release, perhaps even this year, Cashino nonetheless holds a certain charm that will be appreciated by many – making it a game definitely worth the time of anyone who enjoys the older styles of slots gaming.

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