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Bars 'n' Sevens Slots

The Bars ‘n’ Sevens slot game is split into two: a Basic and Top mode. Both games use 3 reels, while in the basic mode there’s just the one payline. In the top mode, there are up to 8 paylines up for grabs for players to take advantage of.

However, be warned, to get to this stage punters will either need to win a lot of credits or bet in the higher stakes: which are 5 or 10 coins per spin. Therefore, in a nutshell, the Bars ‘n’ Sevens slot game is all about how much players put into the game. Stake loads and they’ll get more opportunities to win. Wager the minimum and punters will have to do it the hard way in a game that still offers enjoyment and a thrill to slot enthusiasts.

Those who would rather let the slot game play in the background whilst they’re doing something else will be pleased to know the game boasts an autoplay option. The icon to trigger this is located on the right hand side of the screen and will allow the computer to play for the player for a set of criteria including, how many spins, how many credits spent. The player can, of course, stop this function at any time.

Players can also enjoy the Simbat game in free mode before playing for real money – thus allowing them to get a feel for the game and how it’s best to go about it. Those who would rather play a slot for the enjoyment level than the thrill of winning can get a sense for the design and the theme and whether that suits their tastes. Either way, the free mode is a wonderful addition to the slot game.

The Screen Is Awash with Colour

As soon as players open the screen, they’ll notice how much colour and information is on there. All the paytables, both sets of 3 reels and all the in-play buttons have all been squeezed into fitting on the one page. With the background to it all being green with the border in a pink/purple shade, it makes for quite a sight – a sight players will no doubt appreciate immediately and realise this isn’t a ‘standard’ slot game.

It’s all action and players will enjoy that element, thanks to the graphics, that message will certainly get across to the punters as soon as they open the game.

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Bars 'n' Sevens

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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A Whole Host of Icons Possible in the Basic Reels

In the basic mode, the paytable shows a whole host of icons that could tumble down the 3 reels at any one time. In ascending order in terms of value, these items are: joker hats, lemons, oranges, blue balls, bells, lemons with a leaf on them, blueberries, watermelon, golden bells, half sized presents and full-sized presents.

Players will be able to win with just two of these icons appearing in the payline at the same time. Punters will also be able to hold the reels if one of them is the more lucrative symbol or if two are the same. This is all down to the player and how they want to attack the game.

Will You Go for Bar or 7 Combinations?

As expected, players will be able to win more and have more chance of winning in the ‘Top’ version of the game, which players can find strategically placed at the top of the screen.

There are only two icons that could fall down in this set of 3 reels – they are the ‘Bar’ sign or the number 7. Players can stake 5 coins per spin, or 10 – and include all of the 8 paylines. The choice is, which one is more likely to fall down the reels and take over the slot – bar or 7?

Get one of the eight lines lined up with the player’s choice and they’ll win 10 coins in the bet 5 game, or 20 coins in the 10 bet game. Should they get the full card in either, they’ll win 200 coins! Players should remember to choose wisely and select appropriately. Which team are they on? Bar or 7?

Are You Feeling Brave?

The Bars ‘n’ Sevens slot game by Simbat is a fun way of playing. Some can stick to the basic mode and enjoy the thrill of not knowing which of the 11 icons will tumble down. Or they can take a risk and go to the Top slot game where the reels will pay out a lot more!

The choice is with the player, and it’s a fun choice to have. It’s definitely worth playing Bars ‘n’ Sevens slot game today, the question is, what team are you?

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