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Meteorite Slots

Let Simbat take you to the stars and beyond, with this online slots game which is simply out of this world!

Also known as Meteor, Meteorite is a classic fruit slots game which offers extra chances to win, and strategic decisions to make. Will you make the right choice to send your winnings total to the moon or will you come plummeting back to Earth with a bump?

Here’s a review of Meteorite by Simbat and the lowdown on all the features you can expect…

Win Low With Extra Features

Everyone starts off by playing the basic game on Meteorite before being able to progress any further. You don’t have to move onto the top game if you prefer to bet low; the basic game can be played indefinitely.

You’ll only need to pay 1 credit for each spin of the reels on the basic game, making it a low risk way to play the slots. There’s one payline in action so you can see at a glance whether you’re a winner.

The auto hold facility is a helpful feature, especially for those who are new to slots, as it freezes the reels which look as if they’re in a promising position. This increases the chances of spinning a winning line. Meteorite offers an extra; the hold can be used for two further spins, not just the standard single spin, so there’s much more chances to win without spending more of your money.

If you decide you don’t want to accept the auto hold, you can release the reels using the Reset button. This only resets it for a single spin so the auto hold feature will be available once you spin again.

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Increase Your Winnings

Opting to bet low on the basic game doesn’t mean you won’t have the chance to win big, thanks to a couple of generous features on Meteorite.

Look out for mystery symbols which are hidden on the bottom set of reels. If you spin these you could win a prize of up to 200 credits.

There’s also the chance to gamble with your winnings on the basic game. A simple game of Heads or Tails could see you double what you’ve won, up to a maximum of 200 credits. But if you don’t walk away with a win, you could leave with nothing. The choice is yours – do you dare to play?

More Chances to Win

Playing on the top game immediately increases your chances of winning because you’ll be betting with higher stakes. But you can’t move onto the top game straight away – you’ll first need to earn credits by spinning to win on the basic game.

Once you’ve got enough you can move your credits to one of the top meters, but here’s where you’ll have to make your choice. You can only move your credits to individual winbanks and each of those has paylines attached.

When you’ve made your decision, it will cost you between 4 and 20 credits to spin the reels. Every winbank that holds at least 4 credits will be in play, which means that all of the paylines attached to these winbanks will be available for play.

The bad news is if you win on a payline that isn’t attached to a winbank which is currently in play, you won’t get your prize!

The maximum amount of credits which can be held in any individual winbank is 200; once you reach this limit the excess will automatically be transferred back to your meter on the basic game. Alternatively, if you’ve decided you’re ready to finish, you can empty your winbanks back into your cash meter by simply pressing the Collect button manually.

Reach for the Stars With Meteorite

Meteorite isn’t your standard fruit slots game, despite its deceptively simple appearance. The concept is the same, spinning for matching symbols to win, but you’ll need to think to strike it big on this game.

With different winbanks on the top game offering different paylines to win, it’s up to you which ones you choose to play with. Meteorite is a game of logic and strategy. mixed together with fast-spinning fun, so to play the top game you’ll need to have your wits about you!

If you want to practise before you play, there’s a handy demo mode which allows you to play for fun. You won’t risk any cash and you can get more familiar with how the winbanks work before playing for real prizes.

Meteorite offers a challenge for experienced players as well as simple reel spinning fun for newbies, so why not take a trip out of this world and play?

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