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Triple Action Slots

Triple Action continues the frequent Simbat tradition of uninspired names, but does the two-game slot machine game provide the hardcore energy implied by its title?

To look at it, Triple Action is neither wonderful nor dreadful. It won’t grab your attention or put you off. A large part of this is the colours and lack of a storyline design theme. There’s a dark blue background showered with a lighter shade of blue for the small-sized letter X everywhere. It’s less effective than it sounds, especially as the yellow framed boxes don’t go perfectly. But it does help distinguish between the foreground and background.

No Design Flair

The organised layout is helped by the fact that nothing comes out of the boxes. So even though quite a bit of the information on the boxes is squashed, it doesn’t seem that messy. There may not be any flair with the design, but it has been carefully planned. Indeed, the name of the game (on the bottom right of the screen) isn’t in a box and has 3 ‘X’s between both words. To make it stand out, it uses more red too.

The Top Game and Basic Game are both on the left hand side, separated by the 10 different boxes for Meters and the Total box. The right hand side has the box that shows the nine times of credit win for the Top game and the two Bet boxes. The 5 win lines for the Top are clearly seen, as well as the chance of the XXX on the right.

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Triple Action

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Action, Action, Action!

The instructions as to how to play are shorter than most games. There is a Basic and Top game, each with 3 reels. The Basic game is played with one credit per spin on a single payline. The bigger rewards come from the Head or Tail Game. But this is one example where the Top game really is where it’s at.

The Top Game has 2 credit settings. You can play with either 5 or 15 credits per spin and there are 5 paylines. Not the most adventurous of pots. However, you can improve things by getting the Triple action symbol on reel 3. If this happens, it counts as wild, and will complete any winning combination.

If you increase it to Bet 15, all prizes won with the Triple action symbol are trebled. If there isn’t a winning combination, the symbol holds for yes, you’ve guessed it, 3 spins. This is actually explained on the Bet buttons themselves.

The symbols used in the game are mostly the standard fruit ones. For the Top game, 3 Jackpot symbols are only worth 200 free spins, with 3 Bars only valued at half that. The same number of bells gets you 80 free spins and grapefruit and grapes at 60.

In the Basic Game, as with the Top game, apples, oranges, lemons and plums are available, as well as strawberries, tomatoes and pears that aren’t. You can win the same amount, with 3 Jackpots, Bars and pears worth 200 credits. It drops to 40 spins for 3 bells or watermelons, with the list going down to 2 credits if you get 1 tomato bunch.

Action Zone

Like with other Simbat games, the overall navigation has been well thought-out. The difference between your credit line and overall total is easy to see and you can slide the volume to suit the level you like. You might well want to head straight to mute, mind, as the sound effects are robotic and quite annoying.

There’s no numerical options on the Autoplay, but you can zoom out so as to play in a more traditional viewpoint, complete with working lever.

The game is very simple to play, but there is an explanation in the Info button, along with links to Account, Storing Balance and Bank Account. You can also see the instructions (in alphabetical order) of the other games in the Simbat catalogue and within the Start button the links to the actual games.

In the main menu, it’s also really easy to login, register and cashout. You can play for 10 “Fun Euros” as many times as you want until you feel ready to play for real.

Triple Fun

If you like high-risk, high-energy games, then Triple Action is not for you. Despite the high intensity suggested by its name, this is one of the simpler games where the most you can win in one spin is 200 credits. While that may put plenty of people off, it wouldn’t take too much to widen this game’s appeal.

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