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Bonus Sevens Slots

There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with simply sticking to what you’re good at. For whatever reason, too many individuals try to accomplish things outside of their natural remit when their time would no doubt be better spent concentrating on the areas in which they possess a natural aptitude.

The same principle definitely translates into slots game development, with all too many companies attempting to blanket across multiple genres instead of concentrating on just a handful. This often results is a diluted final product and ultimately a depreciation of the assets that are worth a players time.

One development house that doesn’t seem to have a problem like is Simbat. They know what they’re best at and tend not to stray too far from it. This approach is instantly refreshing to most people and is undoubtedly bolstered my games such a Bonus Sevens an all new title from this attention worthy group.

What’s It All About?

On the surface Bonus Sevens looks far from being the most aesthetically stimulating game on the market. With its over basic layout and grassroots graphics, you could be forgiven for believing that this game is a decade old.

The 5 reels on offer are clean cut and roomy, though decorated with some instantly recognisable and attention grabbing icons and symbols. As for the background upon which the reels sit, there’s a host of flames and brightly coloured features all of which combine to paint a rather typical and unoriginal picture.

So what lies beyond the superficial and skin deep attributes of this game? Well, as mentioned already; Bonus Sevens is spread across 5 separate reels, though offers the players just 9 variations of payline. This may be a slight and uncommon number of lines for a modern online video slot, though is pretty much standard for older consoles. From this moment on it become clearer than day that Simbat are shooting for a game that combines all of the older elements that we used to know and love our slots for.

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Bonus Sevens

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Limits and Stake Options

Players can stake a total of 1-3 coins per line, per spin. With a value of 0.01-0.10 that makes for a total stake per spin of 2.70. Though far from the dizzying heights of the Las Vegas strip, the integrated autoplay function makes this a game suited to players of all preferences and experience levels. Whether you’re a starter who is keen to learn the ropes via and old school console, or a seasoned, hardened veteran merely looking for a new favourite, Bonus Sevens could just be the perfect game for you.

Top paying symbols include bars, bells and the fabled ‘$’ sign - which acts as the in-game wild. Lining up 3, 4 or 5 of these on a single active payline from left to right will make for a very substantial pot multiplier payout indeed.

As with any game of an old school leaning, it can take a few spins to get to grips with how this one works, but that adds to the wider experience and makes it a game worth playing given that it doesn’t give everything away up front. An element of mystery is appealing for so many reasons, and with Bonus Sevens you get to indulge every single one of them.

Sevens Super Jackpot Bonus

You may have been wondering for the entire duration of this review so far: just where does this slot derive its name from? Some of you have probably been so bold as to hazard a guess: “it’s got something to do with the bonus round, right?” – and those people would be 100% correct!

To trigger this simple yet highly effective bonus round simply line up three or more game logos across a single active payline, in adjacent columns from left to right. The premise of the bonus is simple: to stop the pacing reel on the highest paying jackpot value possible. Of a total of seven combos, every single one will pay - somewhere between 100 and 5,000 credits – it’s merely a case of trying to land the biggest!

To Round Up

There’s little question that this game has been created with the preferences of the senior generation of slots players firmly at heart. Despite this, it is nonetheless accessible to those who are more familiar with the glitz and glamour of modern gaming.

In fact, Bonus Sevens may act as the ideal bridge between the old and the new. Give it a try and see if you agree!

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