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Tower of Power Slots

Let’s be honest. Tower of Power isn’t one of the most aesthetic of games you’ll ever see. In fact it doesn’t even have a great title, sounding more like a nickname for a half-decent basketballer.

But does it have the gameplay and overall quality to be worth a hit?

Unpower Play

Well there’s no obvious tower, instead a series of blue blotches on a black background. And it’s all rather cramped. Even the title looks like it was squeezed in at the last moment after the designers realised it wasn’t already included.

The two slot machine games are helpfully spread out top and bottom on the left hand side and, unlike the rest of the display, are easy to see. That is one of the problems. While the left part of the display is well organised, the right is too small and cramped. That’s because they really want to emphasise the 1,000 credits in, yes, the form of the tower.

The Clubmeter and Win boxes are prominent in the middle but below you will need to stare up close to see everything else. The three of a kind prize box look like they’ve been squashed from both sides and the Bet buttons are about the size of a postage stamp. Keeping with the theme of what you can win being more prominent, the credits box is easy to see.

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Tower of Power

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Power Game

As hinted at by the game layout, there is a Basic game and a Top game. The Basic game has 3 reels, uses 1 credit per spin and has Hold buttons for all 3 reels. It feels like the game is on your side as the game automatically holds the buttons if they feel it is promising. However, you can still override this by pressing Reset if you want to go with your instinct.

You can Collect your winning credits or transfer them to the Top game by clicking the To Clubmeter button. What might tempt you to stay on basement level is that the mystery symbols that come up on the first 2 reels, or on all 3 reels, can be worth up to 200 credits.

If you decide to go on the Top game, suite Choose Game will take you there. It automatically goes to Bet 5, but you can increase to Bet 10 or Bet 20. If you stick with Bet 5 you can only use the first 3 reels, with combinations counting criss-cross. Bet 10 enables reel 4, which also means that 1,2 and 3 and 2,3 and 4 are separate winning combinations.

The symbols have some overlaps for both games. The treble bar is worth 200 credits, 3 four leaf clovers are 120 and bells (yes bells) and watermelon are 80. Oranges, strawberries and lemons are worth 40. There’s also another symbol valued the same but good luck working out what it is. In the bottom game, the treble bar and four leaf clovers are worth the most, with the addition of cherries, stars, grapes and plums.

The Way Around the Tower

This overall construction has a lot of the features evident in Simbat games. The Menu makes it easy for you to find the Login, Register and Cashout (10 Euro minimum). It’s also easy to change the volume on the screen, and the info button helpfully explains how to play the game, as well as the others on the Simbat portfolio.

It’s also really easy to see the links to your Account, Storing Balance and your Cashout Bank Account, with everything well explained. This includes the description of how to play the game. By pressing the Start button you can find access to all the other 150+ games on offer if the description within Info has tempted you.

And with all other Simbat games, you can play for free with 10 “Fun Euros”, meaning you can practice until you feel confident enough to play with real money. You can also slide the volume up and down, zoom in for a different layout or use an Autoplay with no settings.

Power Up?

The layout leaves a lot to be desired, with irritating sound effects and uninspired symbols. But if you can get past that, it does have one fantastic bonus element on offer. If that one prize gets your pulse racing, this game will tower over its rivals.

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