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Hi-Lo Cash Slot Machine

HI-Lo Cash slot game by Simbat is a 4-reel slot game where players have three different modes of games, basic, bet 5 and bet 10.

Those that bet either 5 or 10 credits per spin will have access to the higher or lower game that this spin is all about. However, those that would prefer to stake just one coin on each line will never have access to this game, unless they win huge amounts and decide to up the stakes by using their winnings to bet either 5 or 10 credits per spin. Either way, it's clear to see that this game is split into two modes.

One feature that is consistent on the Hi-Lo game, as it is with other slot games, particularly those created by Simbat, is the inclusion of the autoplay option. This allows players to sit back and relax while watching the reels turn, or leave it playing in the background whilst doing other computer activities.

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Hi-Lo Cash

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
Casino of the year 2018 Read Casino Review


For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Real Emphasis on the Card Aspect in the Design

Players who might not know what is different about this slot game to others need to just upload the page to see what it is all about. Most of the screen's space is for the higher or lower bonus round, which players will only reach if they line up a number of hi-lo symbols in active paylines. To the left is the ladder where should players climb it, they'll be able to win more lucrative payouts from the game.

Most of the screen includes a starry background, with players really able to see the game sparkle. Along the right hand side of the screen is information on each betting amount, with players able to read what paylines will become active with each stake and what combinations are needed to activate the hi-lo game.

The reels are along the bottom of the machine, and feature 10 lines. They will light up if they're active, and help players see where winning combinations could appear.

In-Play That Doesn't Include Much

The in-play options that players have on the Hi-Lo slot game aren't a lot, in truth. As mentioned, the stake options players have on this game are threefold. In the basic game where only 1 credit per play is allowed, criss-cross combinations are not allowed. However, lining up 3 or 4 hi-lo cash symbols in the one active payline will trigger a mystery payout.

Winnings are automatically moved to the club meter, but players can move either 10 credits or a complete win to their credit total by clicking or holding in the win to credits button that's located in the centre of the machine.

In terms of the paytables, all the icons featured are common to casino slot machines and in this sense, don't offer much in terms of relating to the theme. They're fruity, and the only one that players will notice is related to the game is the symbol that shares the same name as the title – Hi-Lo.

Time to Go on the Hi-Lo Ladder

Those fortunate enough to climb the ladder will notice a number of question mark signs. Each one will bring a mystery payout to the player somewhere between the value of 10 and 100 credits.

As players may have guessed, the only way by climbing the ladder is to correctly guess the outcome of the higher or lower cards. Should players climb to a save icon, all their winnings up that point will be saved.

Should there be a joker available, it guarantees the next step on the ladder to be a success and further advance their progress on the ladder. The 'Other Card' icon allows players to change the card for the next pick, but it doesn't automatically allow them to take a step up the ladder. Should the game either be lost or completed, all unused joker and other card will be gone and no longer active, so it's best to use them when players have the opportunity to!

This mixture of two games takes time to understand for players. However, players will no doubt enjoy the bonus round that is a simple higher or lower card game. Guess right and the payouts will be big!

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