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The Holdtimer slot game created by Simbat offers players three different ways to enjoy the game – basic mode, 5 credits on each spin or 10 credits.

The 3-reels are waiting to be spun by those that enjoy a simple, easy to understand slot game that doesn't offer many thrills or spills. There are no fancy graphics or superb bonuses. It's all about the spinning reels and the thrill that provides its players.

One feature that is available on the Holdtimer slot game that is common on other casino games is the fact that players can activate the autoplay function. This is ideal for those that need to do other things while the slot game automatically spins in the background. This option is also ideal for those that'd rather watch the sight of the reels spinning while not having to bother with the in-play.

In truth, there are better games visually to watch from afar, but still, it's good that players have the option of the autoplay function. No doubt some will activate it!

Standard Slot Game Display

As mentioned, the display of the machine isn't anything special. The game itself has a bland and boring blue background. It certainly won't thrill players once they upload the game, unlike other slot games that are available on online casino.

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There are two sets of reels on display. The ones for the basic game – which are just 3 reels – are located in the bottom half of the machine. The visual of these are bland, with the icons appearing on a dull white background that seems quite empty, even though the icons are on display.

The top half is saved for the 'top' mode of the game where players will notice three more reels, except this time they're bigger and more dominant. Depending on which game the player wants to enjoy, the half of the machine will light up, therefore ensuring players will know exactly what mode of in-play they'll be enjoying before they spin one of the reels.

That may be good, but the design of the in-play functions along the bottom of the machine are also lifeless and stale. Four of them are red with white writing, and the other is a yellow background. No real design thought seems to have gone into it, making the whole page lifeless and lacking a spark. Who knows? That may be what Simbat wanted to accomplish with the Holdtimer slot game. Either way, the design is dull for an online casino game.

In-Play That's Easy for Anyone to Understand

Speaking of in-play buttons, three of the five buttons located along the foot of the screen are hold buttons. This allows players to hold the respective reel from spinning in the next play.

So, if there are valuable icons in the basic mode, players can prevent them from spinning on the next play in the hope of trying to line them up in the one active payline. This feature gives control to the player and lets them influence the reels as and when they see fit.

When it comes to the top version of the reels, which are obviously where the more valuable icons are worth, the 10 credits per line stake will allow the computer to automatically hold some of the reels when lucrative combinations are possible and/or probable. Players should remember that winnings over 200 credits are not going to be lost on the game, but automatically transferred to the credit meter instead.

Not Much in Bonuses

Unfortunately, Holdtimer doesn't offer any multipliers, free plays or mystery payouts. This is a problem that won't be unnoticed by players, as the lack of opportunities in the game or enjoy free spins is quite shocking for a game that has been released by leading developer which Simbat are.

Players will no doubt be put off by that and it's understandable if they are, considering the amount of bonuses similar games offer their players. It might be best to go elsewhere.

This Game Doesn't Offer Much for Regular Slot Machine Fans

The Holdtimer slot game by Simbat doesn't offer much, in truth. One thing that may be best for those considering playing it is trying the demo mode that is available on the Simbat website. There, players can try it out without having to spend any euros.

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