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Gunsmoke Slot Machine

Gunsmoke slot game by Simbat is a 3-reel game that offers players the chance to either play it in basic or top mode, which requires a greater wager but offers more valuable icons.

Players can easily switch between the two by clicking the blue 'choose game' button that is next to the start icon where all the fun begins. The basic mode can be enjoyed with just one credit on each spin that includes just a single active payline. The top mode allows players to stake either 5 or 10 coins on each spin with 5 paylines being active.

Double the Fun

One feature that is available for all players of the Gunsmoke slot game is the ability to gamble their winnings in the hope of trying to double the amount. Players will be asked to pick the outcome of a toss of a coin, which is located just to the right of the reels as players will look at it.

Should they guess correctly, their winnings from the previous spin will be doubled but get it wrong and it will be lost. This feature is a fun and thrilling addition to the slot game and although its common in Simbat games, not many other developers include it in there games, therefore making it a unique addition to what is already a thrilling slot game experience.

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A Colourful Trip to the Old Wild West!

The design of the Gunsmoke slot game will immediately capture the player’s imagination. There may be many slot games out there with the same Wild West theme as the Gunsmoke slot game, but the chances are they won't look anything like this slot game. It is full of colour and wacky cartoons, with cactus' sticking up out of the pink desert floor, while cowboys, Mexicans and donkeys all show exuberant characteristics. Wanted signs boast the icons that lead to lucrative wins. It really is a unique way for an online casino developer to design a cowboy themed slot game.

A negative is that the icons in the paytable don't really go along with the Wild West theme. Most of them are fruity, which isn't a normal correlation players make with cowboy characteristics. However, that is a small minor to a game that boasts remarkable graphics. As soon as a player logs on to the game, they will notice that this isn't a normal slot game and will no doubt appreciate it. It's a nice surprise to see a design as colourful and quirky as this for a Wild West game.

Plenty of Options for How Many Coins Players Can Wager

The in-play for the slot game is easy to understand, with players able to read the paytable as the reels turn – allowing them to see what icons are worth trying to line up.

One way players can influence what will appear in the paylines is the hold buttons. There are three of them, one for each reel, located underneath the four reels. Players can click them and this will prevent that reel from spinning, perfect if a valuable icon is positioned on the payline.

Punters should note that there are 5 paylines when staking either 5 or 10 coins on a spin, while there is just the one active when players stake one credit per play. Slot enthusiasts will need to keep that in mind when deciding to hold a reel or not.

Star Symbols Equals Free Credits

There are two bonuses available in the Gunsmoke slot game. The first is when three star symbols appear anywhere in the reels at the same time as each other. Should this happen in the basic mode, players will automatically win 20 credits – not bad, hey?

The second bonus only features in the top version of the slot. Players may notice the 'Hot win' button. Should this start to light up when players get a payout, the player will earn at least one free spin that is guaranteed to give another payout. A guaranteed win from a free play sounds like the stuff of dreams for casino players. Luckily for them, it’s a reality in Gunsmoke.

Casino Enthusiasts Will Be Gunning for Glory on This Slot

The design of this Wild West themed slot game should be enough to attract players to Gunsmoke. However, the array of bonuses and in-play options make it the perfect choice for casino enthusiasts. It's guaranteed to be a smoking hot favourite for many.

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