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Diamond Slots

Slot game players have a keen eye for shiny objects, and the game that we are about to introduce here is filled with them at every spin.

Diamond is a video slot game from Diamond, and just as the title indicates it is all about shiny jewels. The game follows an active 3-part gameplay with different bet levels that will allow players to take the risk they are most comfortable with and have fun on the reels while aiming at the ultimate diamond jackpot.

Take a few minutes to read our complete review of Diamond and learn more about the game, its rules and the best ways to win big on the reels.

All in One

Diamond is a classic slot game simulator, where the entire game screen is a close-up on a vintage, diamond-covered slot machine.

Players will have all the elements they need to play the game handy right from the start. The machine takes the entire screen space, with a deep blue background featuring shiny diamonds trickling down. The game features 2 reel sets, several interactive payables and 2 separate credit counters, on top of the usual flashing common buttons at the bottom.

There is a lot to take in on the screen of Diamond, and beginners may feel a little overwhelmed at first. Fortunately, we are here to try and make sense of it all, so let’s start with the basic gameplay in the next section.

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Start Small, but Keep Your Eyes on the Finish Line

Diamond begins as a simple and straightforward slot game, with simple rules as we will see here.

The basic reel set is located in the lower part of the machine. You have 3 reels and a single horizontal payline crossing them. Your goal is of course to try and line up winning symbol combinations onto that payline in order to trigger cash rewards. Each spin in the base game costs 1 credit, and there is no changing that at first. Spin the reels and cross your fingers, but notice that all promising combinations will be held into place automatically for the next turn. You can also manually hold and release reels at will individually.

After each win, you have the possibility to try and double your reward by playing a simple heads or tails game. A wrong guess will make all your money disappear, so be careful. You may also want to play at a faster pace and keep the reels spinning over and over again. In that case, switch to the autospin mode and sit back.

Plenty of Ways to Win

The paytable of Diamond is an exhaustive list of all winning combinations available on the reels. Keep an eye on it as you play and you will be sure not to miss any win.

Combinations of either two or three identical symbols will trigger a cash prize. The most common symbols are the lemons, oranges, watermelons, plums, clovers, pears and apples. As you can see, that is already plenty to choose from.

The jackpot and bar signs are a bit rarer, but can award 200 credits at once. Besides, combinations containing cherries and any other symbols trigger a mystery prize from 2 to 40 credits, depending of how many cherries you get at the same time. The diamonds are also quite special in the base game; they will pay in every direction, even diagonally and outside of the payline. The mystery prize they trigger can be any number of credits between 12 and 100.

Step Up Your Game

In order to really aim for the biggest rewards in Diamond, you will have to take an extra risk and switch to the higher game modes.

By playing in bet 4 or bet 8 mode, you will switch to the upper reel set. These 3 reels contain 5 paylines and more chances to win, but each bet will naturally cost you either 4 or 8 credits every turn.

The new paytable contains less winning combinations as well, but the individual payouts can go up to 100 or 200 credits for a triple bar sign combination.

Do Not Dismiss the Base Game Just Yet

Diamond is a well-balanced retro slot game with multiple levels of gameplay that complement one another nicely.

The most valuable combinations might be in the higher betting modes, but the base game can also be quite rewarding. Keep an eye out for the diamonds and cherries and you will be surprised to see how many extra credits you can score when you least expect it.

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