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With so much competition out there in the slot machine world, it takes something special to stand out. A catchy name, a great design, an innovative story, well-thought out bonuses. When a game has none of these then they’re in trouble. Can its innovative gameplay rescue Crazy Thing by Simbat?

Nothing to See Here

Quite simply, it’s just ugly to look at. The lack of a clear storyline really does show in the design. The colours don’t go well together and it just feels like a random mix of colours. Green, orange and brown certainly aren’t colours you try to combine.

The lack of a colour strategy continues with the bet board. The betting symbols board is the same shade of blue as the column for 5 paylines. The column for 10 is a pink shade which isn’t seen anywhere else on the game, while the 20 and 40 paylines are the same brown and green shades that don’t work. The orange colour used in the background isn’t even used in the boxes.

The scores of each symbol are seen on the main screen so it means you don’t have to be flicking between pages or making notes. The pictures are really small, though helpfully are highlighted when relevant. You are given the option of zooming out to make it more like a traditional slot machine (including a lever which works as a start button) but you’ll likely prefer the zoomed in version.

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Crazy Thing

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
Casino of the year 2018 Read Casino Review


For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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We Can Work It Out

There are two games, each using the same reels. The Basic game is played with one credit per spin. While this is as small as it gets, you can double your score by up to 200 credits. As 100 credits is the most you can double up on, you may wish to go onto the Top game, especially as you can transfer your credit there by pressing the Save button.

The Top game plays 5 paylines and you can make bets of 5, 10, 20 or 40 credits per spin. By betting 10 the Crazy Thing symbol becomes Wild, meaning it can change to any other symbol to fit a win. By increasing the bet to 20 this enables the Crazy Thing to become Wild on reels 1 and 3.

If you go for the maximum 40 credits then all 4 reels become Wild. This really does reward the more adventurous player. You can also transfer all credits to the Basic game per pot, by clicking the Take Highest Meter button.

All of the three reels can be held down (though obviously not all at once!) giving you more options in your gameplay. You can also use the Autoplay feature, though there are no different options of number of spins. What’s impressive is that you can play for pretend credits, through “10 Fun-Euros”. There’s no limit to many how times you can use this feature and your credits will remain if and when you decide to make the move to real money.

Not Quite Crazytown

This overall construction has a lot of the features evident in Simbat games. The Deposit and Win buttons are easily seen at the bottom, while the Menu makes it easy for you to find the Login, Register and Cashout (10 euro minimum). It’s also easy to change the volume on the screen, and the info button helpfully explains how to play the game, as well as the others on the Simbat portfolio.

It’s also really easy to see the links to your Account, Storing Balance and your Cashout Bank Account. It is carefully explained though it would be easier to read in bullet points. By pressing the Start button you can find access to all the other games on offer if the description within Info has tempted you.

The display is helpful. The bar symbol is worth more than the others. On 5 credits it is worth 200 credits, 10 is 400, 20 is 600 while at the maximum of 40 it is 1,000. The Crazy Thing, 7s, grapes and watermelons are valued as the same in 5 credits, though their worth differs on higher values. The same applies with the apples, oranges, lemons and cherries.

The triple question mark can be worth anything as low as 40 or the maximum available within the betting frame. It may look a little cramped, but the value within the Basic game is also covered in another box.

Better for the Risk-Takers

It may have an unimaginative and indistinct name, poor layout and rather monotonous sound effects, but there is still a clever game in here. If you keep to that well thought out Top game, you may well find that enough – especially if you’re more of a risk taker.

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