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4th of July Slot

The 4th of July slot game by Simbat is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot game that celebrates Independence Day in the United States of America. This slot game is ideal for Americans out there that want to celebrate their national holiday, and offer them a fair chance of winning some money in the process!

It allows players to bet on 1, 2 or 3 credits with a stake that’s quite small compared to other slot games. The credit value in fact can only vary between 10p and 50p, making it a minute amount in comparison to other slot games.

A positive about this game is that its developers, Simbat, have made it available to play in free and real life mode. Therefore, punters can see if they like the game or not, as it does take some getting used to, before betting on the spins in real life mode. This should not be over-looked by slot players as many games only offer them in real life mode, which prevents players from trying them out.

However, Simbat have ensured punters can play the demo for free and it allows them to see if they like the format and rules – as they are different to the majority of slot games you’d see on online casinos.

In Your Face Graphics

The display of this game is re-creating what a slot machine would look like in a casino or in the corner of a pub somewhere. All the in-play buttons are along the bottom of the machine, net to where the hand would be if players can imagine sitting next to it.

The reels themselves are near the bottom of the machine, and they’ll begin to turn at quite a rate after the spin button has been pressed or the lever been pulled. The majority of the machine displays the paytable and what respective icons win what.

As players might expect for a game that is solely dedicated to celebrating the USA’s Independence Day, the main colours are red, white and blue. As is common with the celebrations in the States, there are fireworks at the top of the machine – which is a common way for Americans to celebrate their anniversary of becoming independent from their British ancestors.

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4th of July

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Not Much in Terms of In-Play

The paytable of the game is brandished across the majority of the screen, making it easy for players to understand how much each icon is worth. Punters will notice that the 3rd coin pays out more than that of the 1st and 2nd – therefore it’s obvious that players would rather bet big and ultimately win big.

The most valuable combination on the game is 777 symbol in the pattern of the American flag – in the order of red, white and blue. This pays out 500 on the 1st coin, 1000 on the 2nd coin and 10,000 on the third coin. In terms of the least valuable payout win, that comes via any combination of the any bar or any 7. A row of them and players can expect to see a payout of 1 on the 1st coin, 2 on the 2nd coin and 3 on the 3rd coin.

It’s important to note the reels can be spun by any 3 ways, pulling the lever which is located to the right of the slot machine. Clicking the spin button or tapping on the bet max icon. Therefore, be warned when tapping the bet max – it will automatically spin the reels and bet max, so don’t press this unless players are certain they want to bet the full amount.

4th of July Re-Spin on Offer

The only feature that counts as that the 4th of July icon will trigger. Should that appear, then the reels would keep spinning until the payline offers a winning combination. Thus effectively working as a ‘keep playing until you win’ icon. This is the only bonus symbol available in the game, but it is a good one and shouldn’t be over-looked. Quality over quantity comes to mind in that respect.

This Game Has Fireworks!

The 4th of July slot game by Simbat is a great way for Americans to celebrate their country’s Independence Day. Understandably, the theme might not appeal to other nationalities but it is still a fun game to play, whether American or not. Lucrative wins are possible and a bonus icon that guarantees players win – it’s not often you get to say that.

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