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All Right Slot Machine

All-Right slot game by Simbat is a game split into two modes for players: basic and top. It features two sets of 3 reels and offers players the chance to choose how to attack the game, whether that be for fun in the ‘basic’ mode or for money in the top version of the game.

Players in the basic mode are only allowed to bet one coin per line and take advantage of just the one payline. Whilst those that would rather raise the stakes a little bit can do so by staking either 5 or 10 coins on each spin, and take advantage of up to 27 paylines in the 3-reels.

Players will notice that they can take advantage of an autoplay function on the game. For those unaware, this is where players tell the computer to play for them – with the in-play set to a list of criteria. This can include how many spins, how many coins spent and all this whilst the player can step in at any moment by clicking the screen. This tool is ideal for those that would rather watch their slot game from a far, rather than be involved in all the action.

Good Graphics

Players will notice the All-Right slot game by Simbat will look a bit different to most other slot games that are seen on online casinos. Most other reels are flat and 2D, as though they have been placed on to a screen. The All-Right slot game is different to that; it looks as though it’s a machine that can be found in Las Vegas or in the corner of a pub.

The screen can be switched between full picture and to include the bordering of neighbouring slots, therefore it’ll feel like the player is in the heart of their local casino.

The machine itself is split into two, with the top half showing the reels and paylines for the ‘top’ mode and the bottom half showing the in-play for the ‘basic’ version of the game. All the in-play icons are clearly described along the footer of the machine, therefore making it easy for players to enjoy the game in a fast and speedy tempo.

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All Right

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Basic Mode That’s Full of Icons

The Basic mode of the slot has a whole host of icons in its paytable. In ascending order, these items are: red berries with a leaf, a lemon, oranges, pears, blue balls, blueberries, watermelon, the number 7, bells with red tape at the top and blue stars. Players can win if either two or three of these items appear at the same time in one payline, with the amount varying from anything between 0.5 coins to 200 per payout.

Players should look out for the crown symbols as if three of these were to appear in the payline, then it would pay out a mystery prize, ranging from anything between 5 and 200 credits.

Those that spin the reels will also notice they can hold any of the 3 reels after a spin. Say if two blue stars appear in reels one and three, players can click the appropriate hold buttons and it would keep those stars in the payline. Only reel 2 would spin and if the blue star appears, it will lead to 200 more coins appearing in the player’s balance – now that’s worth shouting about!

A Top Game Where Serious Money Can Be Won

The Top game includes the opportunity for players to win the All-Right bonus. This is only possible if players are enjoying the bet 10 game and if three of the All-Right symbols appear anywhere on the 3 reels. This game will give you 3 chances to win from the scratch cards.

As well as that, players will win a mystery amount of coins – anything between 100 and 200 – if 3 crown symbols appear anywhere in the reels. Most of the paytable is the same as it is in the basic mode, except the winnings will be greater, as a result of the bet 5 or 10 games as opposed to the 1 coin bets that are only allowed in the basic mode.

Everything Will Be All Right When Playing This Slot Game

The All-Right slot game by Simbat is a bit different to slot games players might be accustomed to on online casino. Effectively, the game is two separate slots into one. With both offering 3 reels, players will need to decide whether they’re playing for fun or money. Whatever the answer to that, it’s a game casino enthusiasts will no doubt warm too.

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