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What's Cooking Slot Machine

If you work in a kitchen all day as a chef, this is probably going to be a slot machine that you’ll pass by, for it involves a whole heap of food and a lot of culinary talent. That being said, it has less pressure than a real life cooking job, and thus you might still find merit in What’s Cooking, created by Playtech.

Another saving grace of the slot, besides the obvious fact that you can win money, is that the food, although attractive, doesn’t look good enough to eat. That means that we won’t be raiding our pantries and fridges as we play - hello to saving our stomachs and maintaining those abs!

The 5 reels have a total of 30 win lines, all of which are fixed into place to make winning a regular occurrence, though it doesn’t necessarily work out like that, which we’re sure veteran players will be well aware of.

Rattle Those Pots and Pans

To make yourself at home and begin cooking all the creations you see before you, gamers are going to have to punt some money; fortunately for you, the amount isn’t too costly. The lowest bet price is €0.01, which equals a very measly €0.30 for your overall wager, though you can increase this if you want and spend as much as €5 for your bet. The choice is yours, but either price doesn’t seem too steep.

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What's Cooking

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Once you’ve got the money out of the way, you can begin spinning to your hearts content, with the large translucent widget on the right hand side the main port of call; hold it down and the automatic games will start up. When you do that, a menu will pop out and ask you to set the cursor, with the final stop being when you hit the feature game, which means bonus round to you and I.

Rather handily, gamers can tap the reels during a spin to finish the process earlier, thus saving time and getting you ever closer to wins. It’s like a manual turbo boost, one that you can choose whether to employ or not, and all without having to set a single setting. What could be better?!

Bonus Surprise!

The creme de la creme of the game is the bonus round, which in truth is a fancy way of enhancing the free games you experience. Essentially you’re picking the ingredients to make the best mini game for yourself: a dash of multipliers, a touch of extras, they’re all there waiting to be applied.

Let’s say you’ve got three or more of the symbols, on the first or fifth reels, you’ll be asked to select one of the meats in order to decide the number of extra rounds you’ll obtain. After that, there’ll be a prompt for you to make a choice between some sauces, with these used to symbolize the level of multiplier applied. Then you’re onto the free games, with more discoveries of the bonus icon leading to more extra games.

A Delicate Nose

As a chef you need to be able to sniff out the good from the bad, but because we’ve tried out this game for you, we can act as your nose and point you in the right direction. First up, you’ll be wanting to land the special tiles, aka images depicting actual cooking rather than food; out of them all, the wild is the most valuable, coming in at €10,000.

The wild is a chef tile, gifting out multipliers worked out by the bet you made, which means a lot of extra coinage for those that went big, and sadly not much in the way of funds if you played it safe.

Cookery Class Resumed

What’s Cooking is a great game from Playtech, perfectly summarizing, with ease, what the brand is capable of. The graphics are rather different to what you might be used to - they’re less 3D and more flat, with only the animation upon a win making them feel modern.

However, the game play is very much expected of the brand, thus returning familiarity to all those who champion the gaming company.

Cook Up, Eat Up, Then Put Your Feet Up!

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