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No doubt you’ve happened across Long Long Long, a title from Playtech, and are at a loss as to what it’s about and how it works. This is because, although a traditional slot in layout, it looks quite complex due to having just 1 win line.

Having a serious lack of win lines means two things: the game will likely be more difficult, the volatility higher than those with many pay lines, and that the game play is a lot more classic in nature.

What this means is that purist users, those who favor subtlety and minimalist designs, are in luck, though it might not feel like it with that bright blue color palette.

Color Overload

Gone is the expected red and gold theme, Playtech clearly having thought that those color choices have been done to death, and hello to lots of midnight blue. Even when writing this, there is no way we can comment on how vivid the blue is, it’s simply something you have to experience for yourself.

As if the bright, in your face color wasn’t enough on its own, the rest of the game has Chinese dragons in vibrant colors of green, yellow and red, which adds to the frenzy of it all. This is an assault on your eyes. Thank goodness the sound effects are kept to a minimum, otherwise this would be a little too overwhelming for many old school gamers accustomed to less fanciful setups.

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Long Long Long

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One Dragon, Two Dragon…

As you’ve guessed given the 1 pay line, there’s only 3 reels, meaning the most you can ever score is three of a kind. Add to that that the only symbols in sight are colorful dragons, and the title has a very select pay table. Furthermore, the wins are worked out by your bet, making this an activity that you can make as generous or as tight fisted as you like.

The lowest paying combination you can make is that of any colored dragon - you can have a green, red and yellow one and make back x8 of your bet. That of course, isn’t going to make you rich any time soon, and so you’ll want to aim for a row of the same colored beasts; the triple yellow match is the most rewarding at x88.

That’s about it for the pay table, as there are no extra games, no wilds, and no bonus round, which isn’t that unusual for a title of this style and size. However, what it means is that the shelf life of the game is considerably less than that of a modern activity, simply because there’s less to it. Within a couple of plays through you’ll have undoubtedly experienced all that the game can offer.

Playing for Keeps

Play for fun? We think not, we’d like to place a wager, and what do you know, Long Long Long prefers it that way. Just look at how low that starting point is, only €0.01 for your total bet; that costs less than most people’s lunches, meaning that this is one highly accessible casino game.

Despite the low threshold, users are able to increase the bet size to a much higher value of €5, which again isn’t a scary sum of money. There’s no max bet toggle, and so you’ll have to use the (+) and (-) that appears when you click the giant black arrow on the left hand side of the screen. No matter though, this is where you’ll discover the Turbo mode, a means of speeding up the reels and making your game power through like lightening.

In It for the Long Game

For those wanting the most out of the game, you have to be in it for the long term and play Long Long Long as many times as possible to get the maximum pay outs possible. Not many players are down for that kind of dedication, and so it’s likely this game will be picked up and forgotten after a round or two.

As far as retro gaming goes, this is a great addition to anyone’s list, for it injects some much needed life and vibrancy back into the age old format of fruits and 7s, having done away with those completely.

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