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Double Sixteen Slot

Add a little more strategy to your usual game plan and calculate your every move to win big in the game that we are about to introduce here.

Double Sixteen is a video slot game designed by Simbat that relies on classic retro slot game features and adds some original gameplay elements on top for an original and potentially very rewarding mix. All you need to do is come well prepared and focus on the reels, and with a little luck you will be on your way to the jackpotb in no time.

To make the journey as smooth as possible, read our complete review of Double Sixteen and you will be fully prepared to face the reels in no time.

Classic Casino Fun

Double Sixteen follows a well-known design that most players have already encountered, especially in other similar Simbat retro slot games.

The game screen is an open view of a vast casino floor, with a long row of slot machines clearly on display. Naturally, the one immediately facing the players is running Double Sixteen. The machine itself is all red, with two sets of reels in the top and bottom parts and a lever on the side, ready to spin the reels.

Double Sixteen is not exactly striking in terms of graphics alone, but the many counters and double reel sets will certainly catch the eyes of many players. Let’s see how this all works in the next section of our review.

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Double Sixteen

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4 Levels of Gameplay to Enjoy

Double Sixteen cuts to the chase and provides players with 4 different levels right from the start. This might sound a little daunting, but the basic game rules are still quite easy to understand.

As you know now, Double Sixteen features two reel sets. Each of them has 16 paylines available in total. Your goal is to land winning combinations of symbols on the paylines in order to trigger cash prizes. You can use the buttons under the reels to decide on a bet before you start the game.

The 4 game levels are called bet 5, bet 10, bet 20 and bet 40. This corresponds to the number of credits you will be putting on the reels for every spin. Bet 5 is on the first 3 reels in the lower part of the machine, bet 10 activates the 4th reel and 8 paylines in the same reel set. Bet 20 makes all 16 paylines available, and bet 40 is the ultimate game mode: 2 reel sets, 8 reels in total and no less than 32 active paylines at every spin.

A Small but Efficient Paytable

Double Sixteen is a particular slot game, in a way that relegates the reel symbols to a secondary role.

The symbols themselves are classic, the most common being oranges, lemons and apples. All winning combinations consist of 3 identical symbols on an activated payline, regardless of the game mode you are playing in. These symbol combinations are worth 40 credits.

Aim for the plums, tomatoes, hats and cars to win up to 200 credits at once on the reels. That being said, you need to be aware of some specific gameplay aspects triggered after each win if you want to play with a little more strategy.

Cash Your Winnings or Put Them Back into the Game

Notice that every time you score a win in Double Sixteen, your credits will be placed in a specific counter on the right-hand side of the machine.

Now you can choose to cash in those credits at any moment and convert them into actual cash. The other option consists of putting them right back into the game to try and trigger more wins.

The total of credits is split into 10 smaller counters, which you can think of as tiny bank accounts. Before you place your next bet, you can move around these counters and select the one from which you wish to take out some credits to bet on the reels again. That way, you can keep some credits safe on the side while you draw from another “account” and try to score some more winning combinations.

For Players with a Sense of Strategy

Double Sixteen is a classic slot game with a progressive gameplay that can trigger big wins over two reel sets at the same time, if you are brave enough to risk 40 credits per turn.

The multiple counter system is an original add-on that some players will love to take advantage of. On a side not, others will regret the absence of a side game that you could trigger with your won credits, like in other Simbat slot games.

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