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Crazy Sevens Slot Machine

Retro slot games are more popular than ever, and some members of the family still manage to squeeze some original and modern features to spice things up a little for the players.

Crazy Sevens is video slot game from Simbat that perfectly illustrates this fact. Staring with a simple setup, the game evolves as you play it and adds extra features and raises the stakes as long as you keep lining up the right symbols on the reels.

To find out more about the best ways to win big and fast in Crazy Sevens while making the best out of its 2-part gameplay, take a few minutes to read our full review of the game.

Classic Slot Machine Settings

Crazy Sevens starts off as an old-school slot machine simulator, with all the visual features that are characteristic of the genre.

The entire game screen is actually a big slot machine with flashy buttons all over and a prominent paytable on display on the top half. The square, metallic visual environment of the game is probably not the most appealing on the market, but if you are a fan of good-old slot machines then you will feel at home here.

Crazy Sevens has a lot of information on the screen for players, which might feel a little intimidating at first. Let’s see how to make sense of it all in the following section of our review.

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Crazy Sevens

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Go Straight for the Win

Crazy Sevens is a much simpler game that it looks like. As it turns out, it will not take you long to master the basic principles of the game and start betting on the reels. As mentioned before, Crazy Sevens has two different gameplay options, but we will concentrate on the basic game here, for now.

The game matrix features 3 reels and a single horizontal payline right in the middle. All spins will cost you 1 credit, no choice there. Start spinning the reels to bet that credit on the outcome, and notice that all the promising reels will be automatically held in position for the next turn. You can also hold and release reels manually as you wish throughout the game.

Winning combinations of symbols landing on the payline will trigger rewards. You can play the head and tail mini game after each successful win to try and double your cash prize. Remember that a wrong choice will make it all disappear at once, so be careful.

An Introduction to the Basic Paytable

Most of the basic reel symbols of Crazy Sevens are either cherries, bar signs (single, double or triple) or gold coins. You can line them up to win credits, with rewards going up to 200 credits at once.

The sevens are the most valuable and elusive symbols of the game. They come in blue or red, and like the bar signs you can combine them together and still win a prize.

So far, you can see that Crazy Sevens is not as crazy as the title suggests. To really take advantage of all the possibilities that the game has to offer, you need to activate the second part of the gameplay as we will see in our final paragraph.

Place Your Credits in the Club Meter

Winning big in Crazy Sevens is perhaps not as straightforward as in other slot games. Your best chances for hitting a big win lie with the top game.

To activate it, you need to win credit in the base game first. The top game is players with 4 credits per turn, so you will have to accumulate at least that many credits in the club meter before you can switch to a more extensive gameplay.

Once activated, you get to bet on 5 paylines at once instead of 1 for every turn. The risk is higher but so are your chances of landing several winning combinations at once. You can keep playing in the top game and accumulate up to 2000 credits, which will then be automatically transferred to your credit total. You can pocket your top game winning at any time you see fit as well.

2 Games for the Price of 1

Crazy Sevens clearly belongs to the classic, retro slot game family because of its graphic environment and somehow restricted gameplay. The addition of a second level with extra paylines add a bit of originality to the mix and players who enjoy taking risks will appreciate it.

That being said, Crazy Sevens is still quite limited in its gameplay and does not really allow players to customize their bets freely.

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