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Birthday Boy Slot

Who doesn’t like presents on their birthday? John is no different and he’s ready to play online slots with lots of his favourite things including trains, lollipops and puppies!

Transport yourself back to your childhood and immerse your senses in this delightful slots game where you’ll have the chance to spin lots of novelty symbols.

But will Birthday Boy be a party to remember or more disappointing than a burst balloon? Here are the facts on how to play.

Make John Happy

Nothing pleases birthday boy John like playing on the slots (apparently) so here’s your chance to keep him happy by getting those reels in action!

Birthday Boy is a video game by developer Simbat which is based on five reels which offers up to 30 paylines to bet on. A series of buttons at the bottom of the screen allows you to choose exactly what you want to bet on, and how many paylines to pick.

Clicking on the “select pay lines” button will allow you to change the number of paylines you’re playing with and John celebrates each click with a hearty cheer! The helpful part about this feature is that every time you increase the payline, a line appears on the screen so you can see exactly which ones you’re playing with now. This is a great hint for beginners who might not be as familiar with the pay lines and when they come into action.

You can also change the amount of credits, with up to three credits per payline. And the amount each credit is worth can vary too, between 0.01 and 0.10 Euros. This offers a lot of flexibility in how much you want to bet and how you want to spread it out.

If you’re hoping for a big win on Birthday Boy, you can simply choose Max Bet to instantly rev up to the top of the possible credits. This is a convenient little feature which saves you having to manually scroll through.

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Birthday Boy

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Child’s Play

Behind all this gameplay is a cute little soundtrack which is very much in keeping with the child-like theme. Spinning the reels will bring you a twinkly rendition of “Happy Birthday” with John cheering in the background at the start.

And if you win, you’ll know instantly. Not content with simply lighting up any winning lines, you’ll enjoy watching a range of mini celebrations from clowns juggling to lollipops eating themselves and trains puffing!

Games for Everyone

Simbat are the developers behind Birthday Boy, just one of an array of online casino, slots and bingo games offered.

Although they’re not as universally well-known as other developers in the market, Simbat have released a prolific number of games in a relatively short time, with more than 100 in their portfolio now.

Simbat are based in the Seychelles and regulated by the Seychelles government, and have been operating since 2007. This means that while they’re not the most established company in the market, they have a proven track record of creating very playable online games.

One distinctive feature about all of Simbat games is their lifelike vibe; many are akin to playing the real thing in a casino. Birthday Boy is a video slots game, and certainly one of their more simplistic designs, but the gameplay is still what you’d expect from one of their fruit machines with sharp graphics and bright colours.

Great for Newbies

If you’ve always wanted to play fruit machines but felt slightly intimidated but the complicated buttons, symbols and lights, Birthday Boy might be a better option.

While it plays like a classic fruit machine, the layout is easy to understand and the rules simplified. There’s a full screen pay table; simply click the button on the bottom of the game to bring it up. And with colour-coded paylines, with the amount of credits clearly displayed, there’s no ambiguity over what you’re betting on and for how much.

This game probably won’t hold the attention of experienced players for too long, especially if they’re more used to playing a fast-paced game where there’s lots of options. But that doesn’t mean that Birthday Boy is just for beginners. It has a certain child-like charm about it which is undeniable and the typically well-designed structure is typical of Simbat.

Choose Birthday Boy if you’re a beginner looking to start playing online slots, or if you’re just looking for a more relaxed game where there’s plenty of opportunities to win small prizes.

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