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Jokers Wild Slot

In the large family of retro slot games, most members look and feel the same. The game that we are about to introduce is no exception to that.

Jokers Wild is a video slot game from Simbat that strives from the very beginning to embody all the main characteristics of a vintage slot machine simulator. From its graphics to most of its gameplay, Jokers Wild is a real trip down memory lane that will mostly appeal to hard-core casino goers at first.

Take a moment to discover the subtleties of Jokers Wild and prepare yourself to aim for the biggest wins thanks to our complete review of the game.

Pick Your Machine and Start Betting

There are not many ways to design a retro slot game, and Simbat is famous for sticking to the basics and delivering a true vintage experience for the players.

Jokers Wild does the job well, with a long row of slot machines stretching across the width of the game screen, greeting the players. The actual Jokers Wild machine is at the centre, and it has 2 parts. On top top, you can find an interactive paytable that will light up according to your bet settings and the wins you score, and on the bottom you will find the reels and command buttons.

Jokers Wild is not very original in terms of design, but if you are looking for a realistic casino experience then you have come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay now in the next section of our review.

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Jokers Wild

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Simplicity Made Slot Game

When it comes to the basic game rules, Jokers Wild could not be more simplistic. The game sticks to the absolute basics of the genre.

The game matrix contains only 3 reels and a single horizontal payline, right in the middle. Combinations of 3 identical symbols landing onto that payline will trigger various cash prizes for the lucky players. You can only bet 1, 2 or 3 credits on the reels, but you can choose the credit value and modify it whenever you like by using the small (+) and (-) buttons all the way at the bottom of the machine.

Your rewards depend on both the symbols that you line up and the size of your wager. Betting more credits unlock new parts of the payline and higher wins altogether. You can also use the autospin game mode in order to choose a bet and place it over several spins in a row automatically.

Start Slow and Build Some Momentum

As mentioned previously, the different rewards available in Jokers Wild depend on your bet size first and foremost. The more you bet, the higher your rewards become.

The reel symbols themselves are slot game classics as well. Note that landing on a blank space between two symbols can also count as a small win. The other common symbols are the single, double and triple bar signs. Keep in mind that you can also mixed several bar signs together for a modest win.

The paytable stays the same when betting 1 or 2 credits, with maximum rewards of 100 and 200 credits, respectively. However, things change a little when you turn the settings to the maximum.

Introducing the Joker

As soon as you place 3 credits on the table, you will notice that the paytable doubles in size instantly to make space for some extra winning combinations.

On top of all the choices available in the 2 credit paytable, the game introduces the blue and red sevens. You can also mix them together and still trigger a cash prize.

The most interesting add-on is the joker symbol. As you have probably guessed, this is the wild card of the game, able to replace any other icon on the reels. Joker combinations are also, and by far, the most valuable of the entire game: 2000 credits at once. You can line up 3 of them diagonally as well, outside of the payline, for a 1,000-credit win.

A Few Twists at the End

Jokers Wild is an overwhelmingly classic slot game that just sticks to the basic elements of the genre right from the very start.

What it lacks in originality, the game makes up by rewarding boldness on the reels. In other words, your best chances are winning big lie with a 3-credit bet. Do not hesitate to go all in as often and you can, and dare, to really enjoy Jokers Wild at its fullest.

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