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Phileas Hog

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Phileas Hog Slot Machine

The dream to travel around the world is one that millions of different people share. Imagine the luxury of being able to go wherever you want, from the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean to the romance of Paris, being a world traveller places all of this and then some at your fingertips. While for most this dream is unobtainable, there is a new game that puts true globetrotting at the forefront. Starring Phileas Hog, a well-travelled pig, this brand new game from Microgaming will certainly set the heart of wannabe travellers a flutter.

Aptly titled after the game’s leading character, Phileas Hog is a game that has legitimate “dream making” potential. If this fresh and fancy new release has caught your eye, here is why you should give it a try given the chance.

Around the world and back again

We absolutely love how Phileas Hog looks, because it appears to be fun through and through. This slot game is so full of charm; you won’t be able to not smile when you take it for a spin. You can see the famous hog to the left of the reels, as he is decked out in full British clobber. He looks so distinguished, as he is wearing a pea coat over his suit, with a monocle thrown in for good measure.

The reels look grand too, as they look to be made of gold embroidery that serves as the framework. The sights behind the reels and the hog are just as fantastic, as you can see all sorts of monuments, from the great pyramids, the State of Liberty to the Taj Majal. Well travelled, the game really does encompass its internationally driven theme.

When pigs can fly

On top of a tremendous looking overlay, the symbols in Phileas Hog look fantastic as well. We can see a distinguished watch, a suitcase full of money, and classic symbols such as cherries, oranges, and lemons on the reels. Deep down this game is full of life and we can’t stress enough how fantastic it looks on screen.

Hot to trot

While how great this game looks is clear to see, we also want you to know that it is incredibly easy to play. We were hoping that Microgaming would come up big on the controls front for Phileas Hog and boy, did they deliver. On the bottom of the screen, you can see the user interface split into two sides. The left side holds the total balance, while the right side holds everything else.

What is everything else I hear you ask? Well, it is the total bet, the winnings, three buttons (one for each reel), and the spin button. There is also a plus and minus symbol used in order to increase or decrease the total bet in-play.

Like a pig in heat

This casino slot is a three-reel slot with five paylines, with such holding the key to endless hours of fun. It has a classic styled approach to gameplay in the sense of symbols, but that’s as far as it goes. The rewards are not set in stone from the outset. Instead, they are rewarded based on a multiplier assigned to that specific symbol. For example, the world symbol offers up 50x your total bet.

Hold your nerve

The three buttons we mentioned earlier in this review are very important when it comes to your ability to scoop a big win. They have the ability to make it so you can hold the reels in place should you need to. Through this you will be able to keep certain symbols in-play for your next spin. Combine this with the fact that there are five paylines instead of one; you will be cooking with gas and playing with fire when this game is in full flow.

Spin the wheel to make a deal

There is also a bonus game which will set you up with some fantastic bonuses. There is a wheel that will be shown and in the middle of it, random numbers will appear. These numbers determine how many spaces you will move on the wheel. You can win nudges (which allow you to move reels), features, and cold hard cash.

Take flight with Philieas Hog!

Having Phileas Hog on your side to travel the world is one of the better decisions you can make. Built off a classic base, this brand new Microgaming release is without doubt a force to be reckoned with!

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