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Major Millions

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Major Millions Slot Machine

Major Millions, without a doubt, is a BIG name in the whole wide world of video slots and their avid followers (like you, for example!). It is one of the oldest and one of the most straightforward slots you will ever come across.

Microgaming, the developer of Major Millions, was a rather unknown name when Major Millions was unveiled to online gamers, way back in 2000. But with this slot came the big break that the company needed. Without trying to be pretentious (cue: faltering storylines and annoying video effects), Major Millions managed to appeal to that sense of simplicity many gamers seemed to crave for in the fast-developing online gaming world. The same strategy has stood Microgaming in good stead in the development and promotion of other games, while Major Millions has kept on rocking the world of gamers and chance-takers with regularity.

The progressive jackpot format seems to be particularly popular in English speaking markets such as Canada and the Australia casino market especially.

Here are some things you need to know about Major Millions, even before you think about joining the parade:

What It Is

Major Millions is a progressive video slot with 5 reels and 15 paylines. While the presence of 5 reels is a pretty standard affair these days, it’s rather unusual to find a game boasting 15 paylines, as the convention dictates for 10, 20, 25 or 50 paylines. But that’s just for academics – 15 paylines are good enough to generate many winning combinations, and that’s all – we think – slot lovers need to care about!

Coming to the best part of it all, we are very glad to let our readers know that Major Millions is, unlike many, many other Microgaming slots, a progressive slot. So, as other players keep playing and keep missing the jackpot, the bounty keeps fattening up more and more. What can only be described as a masterstroke (and a pleasantly distractive news for slot lovers), Microgaming has joined ALL the video slots from ALL the registered online casinos it partners with together, only for Major Millions. This has resulted into many windfalls by now, with a lucky gamer from Europe bagging a whopping sum of – no, really, hold on to your breeches, good sirs – $1.8 million!

Average winning bounty for Major Millions is estimated to be somewhere around half a million dollars mark, while the “once in a blue moon” occurrence being repeated – on an average – every three months or so. As of the date of publication of this article, the jackpot has already swelled to about $300,000, after the New Year riches were dished out to loyal lucky gamers by Microgaming.

What’s Not Hot?

Major Millions is not an entertainer, and there is no euphemism we could resort to in order to convey that sentiment. It has a big-gun military theme and everything, but it just doesn’t entertain you, unless of course, you end up on the right side of the reel.

Despite being around for many years, the game has refrained, perhaps on purpose, from adapting to changing times. That’s the sole reason why you are bound to get that sinking feeling of getting transported back to the brand-new-dial-up-modem days of the yore.

Sizing Up The Reels Of Moolah

Well, there’s not much to talk about the reels, as five reels can be found in every other video slot that is around today. One curious thing about Major Millions’ reels is that they are quite unpredictable, in the sense that they are known to spin with varying speeds on varying spins. It does seem quite abnormal at times, but it doesn’t affect your odds of winning one bit.

Conforming to the (rather undercooked) military theme, the symbols used are chauvinistic and gallant – fighter jets, submarines and tanks.

To add some real spark to this battle, there’s one wild (the Major Millions logo itself) and one scatter (a graphic of explosion) symbol. Even though their functionality is pretty predictable (wild allows you to swap symbols while scatter allows you to unlock bonus rounds with multipliers), the mere knowledge that this slot does indeed have the potential to turn you into an instant millionaire is enough to feel immensely heady!

Our Word

EXCITING. That’s what Major Millions is. Forget childish graphics and Lego-like soldiers, the real beauty of Major Millions lies in its generosity. For a max-wager of $150 on this high limit game, you can win hundreds of thousands of dollars, so long as you know how to let the little birdie of luck sing sweet and sing true!

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