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The notorious debate of what came first, the chicken or the egg, has been updated to ask users what came first, 5x Play or 10x Play. They both look alike, and despite there being less ways to win with this title, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it came first; brands do sometimes release prequels after an initial good run of the original game… 

Although we don’t know what came first and which inspired the other, we do know one thing for definite: if you enjoyed the basic controls and purist 3-reels of 10x, you’re going to feel right at home with this title. In fact, you might enjoy it even more for it gives large wins for what feels a fraction of the input. Lazy players we most certainly are. 

What we have to champion most about this online game though, is that for less pomp and ceremony, you get more credits to cash in and take home. This is our way of saying you cut out the rubbish of novelty and get given what’s most important - you don’t get many new age slot machines doing the same. 

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5x Play

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Maximum Value for Money

If you’re hoping to get the largest amount of cash back, there’s a few items to check off of your to-do list. Firstly, you need to actually play with money rather than test drive 5x Play, and then secondly, you need to play with all of the winlines available. This is because without the 3 lines, you can’t get the maximum payout from the 5x Play logo, which happens to be €15,000. 

The logo doesn’t just hold the key to the final payout, oh no, it goes a couple better and delivers multipliers worth x5 and x25, depending on how many you locate. 

What’s odd about this though is, according to the information given by the game itself, two symbols actually gives you a lesser multiplier than just the one. That can’t be right, surely, and yet it states it as plain as day. If that’s the case, we can only assume it’s because two symbols will give a greater payment of credits, thus meaning a big multiplier is unnecessary. 

In regards to the remaining tiles of the grid, they have the same system in place: 3 paylines equals more coins. The only thing is, we can’t figure out whether this means you need a match on all of the lines, or you simply need to have all the lines playing. Sadly, this isn’t an answer UK or US players will be able to find out for themselves, as the game isn’t allowed in their legal jurisdiction. Boo. Hiss. 

A 5x Bet

Only joking, there’s nothing multiplied about the bet, you just need a minimum of €0.01 and you’ll be able to get started with the game straight away. What is more, 5x Play only needs 1 coin per activate line, making it one of the lowest bet thresholds available in an iSoftBet activity. In financial terms, this means your maximum pay-in will cost a mere €3. That’s cheaper than a fancy coffee! 

As part of your wager, you get access to the autoplay, an option which will make all the difference when boredom starts to creep up on you. It’s easy to feel the dull annoyance of having to tap away to make a game work - it’s so tedious and mundane. Almost like a chore. Well with the automatic spins, you can stop the loss of interest from setting in like rot because 5x Play triggers the spins for you. 

Onward to the Conclusion

You’ve made it through to the end, so what have we learned? We know that 5x Play isn’t the most intense game, nor is it brimming with special extras, but it has a fantastic payout that proves better than any set of fancy gimmicks. 

Furthermore, you have an aesthetically pleasing if not emotionally stirring 3x3 matrix to play upon. Add to that the friendly nature of the controls and the tiny wager range, and we’d say there’s not a lot wrong with this slot from iSoftBet.

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