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iSoftbet Slot Software Review

This London based iGaming company has a lot of branded titles; and a lot of licenses from regulated jurisdictions around the world. Their history is unclear, with the Alderney license listing them as ISB, and news releases going back to 2010. What we do know is that iSoftbet produces a lot of games - up to 400 at the latest count covering online slots, social casino and more. Their games are mostly 5-reel video slots, and include some popular branded titles based on TV series (24, Beverly Hills 90210) and films (Rambo, Platoon).

The games I played varied in quality, though the more recent releases are up there with the best of the better known software houses. In addition to the many branded games, there are the more standard slot themes to enjoy. These include the obligatory Irish luck game, gems themed slots and one based on dolphins.

Innovations from iSoftbet

While most of the games are 5 reel video slots, the innovations come in the 3-reel games. There are titles which have 3 reels for the regular (old style) symbols, and then 2 more optional reels which can enhance your wins. An example of this type of game is Ultimate Super Reels. The 4th reel has a number of extra coins (up to 1000) which can be added to wins, while the 5th reel has a multiplier. To play these extra reels you need to add extra coins. 1 to 9 coins will get you the 3 reels, 10 adds the fourth reel and the last one requires 15 coins.

Some of the newer slots from iSoftbet use the all-ways 243 ways to win technology. This means that any combination of 3+ symbols starting in the left hand reel will create a win. This is not new (Aristocrat, IGT and others already use it), however it does stop those annoying moments when you think you hit 5 of a kind only to find you somehow missed a win-line.

Free to Play iSoftbet Slot Machine Games

Hallmarks of iSoftbet slots

The games are varied enough that there is nothing to single out as a tell-tale sign you are playing an iSoftbet title. Some of the slots have very similar win amounts for the different symbols. Bigger wins come via the bonuses, wilds or certain combinations (often 5 wilds) which trigger an outsized win.

TV and movie themes are ubiquitous in their range. There are many that are based on more obscure titles that you might not have expected to become an online slot. Love Guru (a comedy by Mike Myers) is an excellent example – and a very enjoyable slot.

Best iSoftbet Slots Online

With a lot of decent slots this is one of the more difficult software houses to pick just a few recommendations for. The games below give you a flavour of the different types of games that this slots software house is capable of producing.

Platoon is worth a spin. This movie focused on the darker side of war, and the slot manages to recreate that gritty and almost dark feel to it. With special wilds and a generous free spins round, there is some solid and enjoyable game-play involved too.

On a (much) lighter note, you could try the Kobushi game. This is based on a Japanize cartoon series, where the ingredients of tomorrows Sushi comes to life at night. Think octopus and prawns and you’ll be along the right lines. This game has two progressive jackpots and a 15,000 coin top prize – showing that it is not just a fun diversion.

For those who prefer traditional slot gaming with the chance of a big windfall, you can also try the ‘Super Multitimes Progressive’, which takes lining up those BAR symbols to a new level!

iSoftbet Company Information

There is very little on the history or ultimate ownership of this company available online. News goes back to 2010, with their first partnerships with online casinos. Since then they have acquired (or built) an impressive portfolio of games. There are licenses in many of the regulated EU jurisdictions, including Belgium and Italy – as well as their main license in Alderney. If their output over the last 5 years is anything to go by, then we can expect to see a lot more iSoftbet slots coming up in the future.

iSoftbet Slot Software Review – Conclusion

This software house has a varied selection of games – along with some big brand tie-ins. Their production over the last few years has been excellent, with new titles being released all the time. These are not simple reproductions; many have unique features and break-out bonus games which are not simply clones of existing slots. There are already many enjoyable games in the iSoftBet range, and I look forward to seeing more titles over time.

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