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Wonders of the World Slots

It doesn’t take a traveller to notice that there are many wonders dotted about the globe, most of which date back to an ancient world long since gone. There’s so many to select, but there’s the seven wonders that virtually everyone is aware of, such as The Great Pyramid of Giza. In dedication to these cultural and historic landmarks, iSoftBet has made a slot machine about them. 

Despite the fact you’re not travelling anywhere, we found it most enjoyable to mark the location off of our bucket list, putting them down as ‘completed’. So it’s a little white lie, we’ve sort of seen them, albeit on a computer screen, that has to count for something. Customers don’t have to be as resourceful as us in order to appreciate the subject matter of the game. 

Looks Aren’t Everything

Wonders of the World isn’t an attractive game, even despite having content filled with renowned points of interest; it’s just too 2D and flat. The mix of photorealistic graphics and bright colours make it feel like a slideshow presentation back from a school day in the mid 1990s, which doesn’t exactly instill wanderlust. 

Even though we’d have liked to have seen more vivid depictions and a more thought out and richly woven grid on which to play, the features semi compensate us. We say semi because even then there’s a distinct lack of substance upon the 5-reels and 15 winlines. 

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Wonders of the World

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Big Seven

So, what do each of these locations give us? Well, as you’d have probably expected, the great pyramids are the scatter symbol, and thus they reward users with between x1 and x25 multipliers. This isn’t the only tile to give out a prize other than money, in fact all of them appear to offer either free games or increased wins rather than simply cash. Normally we’d be inclined to say that this is good thing, but without a base layer of cash, it’s hard to appreciate the uniqueness of the features. Instead of being rare, they’re in a abundance. 

To initiate the bonus round, which then leads to the other so called bonuses - what we refer to as the other symbols on the paytable - you need to get between three and five of the globe icon. There’s a chance to get as much back as €300,000, though we got nowhere near this amount, which probably goes to show how difficult the jackpot is to activate. By all means remain hopeful, but don’t go expecting miracles with this one. 

On a Jet Plane

If the matrix is your travel itinerary, then the control panel is your plane, taking you to all these beautiful places with a couple of clicks of a bet. You can play as many as 10 coins on each of the winlines you have active, meaning your maximum wager could be as much as €150, a fee most of us won’t be willing to pay. Should you be wanting a lower figure, make sure to use only 1 coin, that way your bet will be a more welcomed €15. 

We found that the quickest way to alter the winlines was to tap the numbers given around the edge of the screen, rather than utilising the button on the control panel; it just felt more interactive and less mundane. No matter which you use, you’ll still get the same result. If you reduce the lines and then decide you want the full amount back, save clicking wildly and just use the Max Bet toggle: it controls the number of winlines. 

As for the automatic play, should you even bother to trigger it, you can pick from the totals shown beneath the button, or tap the widget and receive a more diverse selection of options. It feels like iSoftBet are unnecessarily clogging up their interface by having all these extra buttons, it’s like they’ve forgotten that simplicity is what the majority of gamers want from a casual game. 

Is the Wonder Still Alive?

This game is just too slow and boring, giving us nothing to get worked up about - it doesn’t move you at all, which is way worse than angering users. When a game can’t get an emotional response out of you and just leaves you numb, you know that there’s something very wrong. The rewards of Wonders of the World can be very high, but it’s whether you feel that the cost is worth it or not.

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