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777 Double Bingo Slot Machine

A lot of online slot machines attempt to breathe new life into the traditional format of this popular casino game, sometimes adding the allure of card based games like poker. Yet very few ever seem to utilise the hugely popular pastime of bingo; although not a ‘casino favourite’, it attracts a lot of interest from casual players. 

777 Double Bingo is here to sate all those hungry among you for change, its 5-reels and 9 winlines hide a special round dedicated purely to the random luck of bingo. What this means is that you’re working towards two large payouts instead of just one. This essentially ups the ante of the gamble and provides a more thrilling form of entertainment. 

This is an online activity that a lot of people can find enjoyment in, for so many different gaming elements have been brought together to create the title; new players, old players, those with a preference, it doesn’t matter. 777 Double Bingo will win you over and have you willing to try something new. 

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777 Double Bingo

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Progressive Bingo

The progressive jackpot from the bingo mini game is probably why you’re so keen to find out more, but we’d like to point out that the top paying prize in the base game is worth €10,000. Therefore, if you miss out on one, you’ll still have the chance to walk away a happy and richer person. 

For the progressive return to be unlocked, gamers need to be betting with the maximum amount listed, which will of course separate users no end. If you’re unsure whether you should risk it, bare in mind that the ever increasing payout can reach the height of €50,000. What is more, you get to enjoy the fun of playing bingo in addition to the 5 reels. 

In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see a playing card filled with circled numbers; whenever you spin the reels, several numbers will be plucked from the results and marked off upon the playing card. If you get enough numbers connected, you win a prize, with a line of five giving you the progressive jackpot. This is a feature we adore, and would gladly see included in other slot machines - there’s definitely a market for more games like this. 

Doubling Up

It would be cruel of us not to tell you about the 777 Double win though, for that’s a juicy turnover in itself. To get it you need to locate five of the tiles across any of the winlines, however should you fail to do so but match a line of between two and four, you’ll still get a win of some kind. Sometimes it will be a multiplier of x2 others x4. It’s not easy to get the reels to play in your favour, but it never is. 

Looking towards the rest of the symbols, they have a max payout of €1,000 for the triple 7s, whilst the cherries will only ever pay as much as €3. Anyone else notice how cherries always seem to be at the bottom of the fruit basket, whilst the 7s are the numbers that always come out on top? 

Demo or Cash?

This is a decision that only those outside of the UK and US will be able to make, but it’s an important decision nonetheless. If you play the demo you can’t get burnt, but if you play with cash you stand to gain a small fortune. Personally, we’d gamble and play for real. 

The most you’ll have to bet is 45 credits, which is hardly going to make you poor in the long run. Should you really be unable to bet that much money, you can settle for the low-end stake of 0.10 credits instead. You’ll lose out on the bingo side quest, but your wallet won’t take a massive nosedive, so we guess that’s something at the very least. 

Count Us in Again!

777 Double Bingo is a joy for all to play. There’s just no end of fun to be found along both the reels and the playing card, which in turn gives it a lot of depth. This isn’t a title that you’ll tire of easily, yet another reason for you to play. It has so much variance to give, and a lot of money to boot. 

We’ll always play this game when given the opportunity, and feel that you should too.

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