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Manga Punch Slots

If you’re a big fan of playing fruit slots but are open to an entirely new interpretation, you might Manga Punch by developer iSoftBet an interesting play. 

Taking the classic style of fruit slots and fusing this with Manga icons, there’s a fresh twist on the conventional look of this game although you can still play on the reels to win cash. 

But will the Asian spin on a much-loved favourite be just as popular? Here’s a look at Manga Punch by iSoftBet with everything you need to know. 

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Manga Punch

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Crazy Twist

Fruit slots have been around forever and despite new and more sophisticated games coming onto the market, they still have a dedicated fanbase who love the simplicity of the original structure. 

Manga Punch takes this idea but banishes the fruits, instead creating a more modern game board which is inspired by the world of Japanese cartoons. 

Just like other fruit slots, there’s no video theme in the background and no complex setting or backdrop. As you’d expect the reels and facade of the “machine” fill your screen. 

However where Manga Punch differs is that you’ll have a host of Manga characters to spin and match without a single cherry or watermelon in sight! As with many slots of this nature, the graphics are rather basic which possibly does the manga style a slight disservice as the characters do look rather two dimensional and flat. A more simplistic style of design may be more flattering to symbols such as fruits, bars and numbers than a complex design such as a face. 

The colours follow the traditional reel slot, being bright and vivid and impossible to ignore. Gold, red and lime green feature prominently and it’s a visage which is guaranteed to grab your attention. 

Follow Your Nose

Fans of fruit reels will know that these are very different to video slots and don’t require an in depth poring over a paytable which is held on a separate screen. 

You’ll find the paytable just to the right of the reels, so it’s ready and available for easy reference whenever you want to take a look at it. Although it’s a much more basic set-up, it’s still a good idea to look through the paytable before you start to play so you’re sure you understand exactly what you could win. This can help you to set a profitable betting structure, maximising your returns for the smallest outlay. 

As well as being able to match three of a kind, there are some other combinations which also offer a prize. There’s x2 and x4 multipliers, which can substitute for certain symbols and increase the prize money when they do. 

This type of slot doesn’t include any extra features but there is a unique Canon Bubble game. On the top right of the screen are three boxes labelled 1, 2 and 3 and which contain bubbles of different colours. These are the target for the Canon Bubble game. If you spin a Canon Bubble icon in any of the reels, it will start blasting at the boxes, getting rid of the bubbles. As soon as all the bubbles in one of the boxes has been destroyed you’ll be rewarded with 10 coins. 

Get Ready to Spin Manga!

Sending manga characters whirling round the reels may seem a bit of a batty idea but before you give it a whirl, you’ll need to set up your bet. 

This slot is pretty limited, being played on just three reels and five paylines but it’s a game that’s like to suit the low betters much more than those aiming high. You can bet with one coin per line which is limited to between 0.02 and 0.10 providing a rather limited betting experience. This means that the prizes you can play for will be limited to lower sums but of course, the amount you could potentially lose will be lower too. 

If this game tickles your fancy and you want to play for a longer stint, the Auto Play feature means you don’t have to keep clicking to start the reels. The game will begin each of your turns automatically but you’ll still collect and keep any prizes which start to pile up! 

Niche Design

Manga Punch by iSoftBet is a quirky design that will delight those who enjoy Japanese animation and possibly players who prefer the reel slot structure too. For experienced video slot players, the set-up may feel rather basic with no extras and no special features so it’s unlikely to get a huge cult following.

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