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Happy Friends Slots

If you yearn for those childhood days of uncomplicated bliss where your mind was truly trouble-free, take a look at Happy Friends by iSoftBet. 

A simple and joyous look at friendships and helping each other, the game will have you reminiscing about the good old days while you spin for cash on the reels. 

But will you and your pals still be feeling upbeat by the end? Here’s a look at Happy Friends by iSoftBet with everything you need to know. 

Picturesque Setting

It’s hard to imagine any setting which could be prettier than Happy Friends, with a background that’s nothing short of picturesque. 

The soft green grass underfoot marries with an azure blue sky with just a puff or two of wispy white cloud, with a gentle waterfall flowing in from the left. On the right there’s a candy-pink blossom tree and in the foreground, a cute ladybird crawls over a bunch of brightly coloured flowers. What better setting could there possibly be for a game to be played? 

In other parts of the game, you’ll get to see more of the surrounding area and it’s all as tranquil and serene as this first scene. From chalk-edged cliffs to the still of the ocean, Happy Friends is set in a beautiful location. 

Turning to the images on the reels, it’s a shame they aren’t in 3D just to completely finish the effect but there’s a delightful cartoon-like feel to the design. Chocolate box cottages, balloons, apple trees and mail boxes are the high value symbols together with letters representing playing cards. 

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Happy Friends

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Explore Your Surroundings

With such a calm setting, you can take your time discovering what’s around before you return to take on the game. 

Your first stop-off should be the paytable when you can see for yourself the prizes which could be won. 

In Happy Friends, you’ll need to match winning symbols in order to get a prize and the more symbols you spin on an active payline, the greater your prize will be. For the lower value symbols you’ll need to match three on a line but for the higher value symbols you’ll only have to match two. 

The highest prize you can win on this game is by matching five cottages or apple trees; if you can manage this you’ll receive 1,000. By direct contrast, matching five of the number “10” will net you just 20. 

You will receive some help on the reels too from a couple of special symbols. 

The wild symbol can step in for other symbols which means it’s capable of creating winning lines more easily. There’s also a scatter which pay anywhere, no matter what their position is on the reels. The more scatters you land, the higher the prize will be up to a maximum multiplier of x25. 

There’s also a funky little bonus round too where the childlike players ask you for a bit of help. To unlock the game you’ll first need to spin a bonus symbol somewhere on the bottom row of the board. Once opened, there’s four different options you’ll have: Go Fishing, Chat to Mister Mole, Dig in the Garden and Search the Flower Bed. If you manage to be the person to spot what your tiny friends are searching for you’ll receive a special bonus payment. 

Despite being packed full of other features, there’s no random or progressive jackpot available in this game. 

Spin and Be Merry!

This game is all about being happy so return to the reels and prepare to relax and have fun! But just before you do, there’s the more serious option of setting up your bet to make sure you stay within your budget. 

There are 5 reels that you’ll be playing on and these contain 9 paylines. Each line can have up to 10 coins bet on it, with the value of each coin ranging between the minimum of 0.01 and 1.00. This provides a total maximum bet of 90.00. 

The ability to flex the number of paylines and coins as well as the value of each coin means the game can accommodate both low and high betters without compromising the play. 

Fun Times

Happy Friends by iSoftBet is a feel-good slot which brings a harmonious atmosphere and a simplistic approach to playing. It’s not one of the most complicated or sophisticated plays but there’s quite a few extras which should keep everyone happy, even those who are aiming for the bigger wins.

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