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Diamond Mine Slots

If you dig deep enough, you might stumble upon rare items hidden under the surface and worth a great deal of money. Or you could just spin the reels of the game that we will introduce here.

Diamond Mine is a video slot game from iSoftBet that will let players unearth giant virtual diamonds and exchange them for very real money. The game plays on the classic slot machine aesthetics that is so popular amongst players and adds a few original features to the mix as well.

Without further ado, let’s discover Diamond Mine and figure out the shortest way to the shiny jackpot thanks to our full review of the game.

Back to the Casino Floor

Diamond Mine looks and feels like a very classic slot game. Despite its name, you will not be traveling to a remote mine, but to your local casino instead.

As a result, the game screen is filled with the reels and the pay table on the side, displayed on top of a black and shiny purple background. The command bar is at the bottom, while the giant Diamond Mine logo is covering the entire top part of the game screen.

Diamond Mine sticks to simple graphics and the most basic features of any slot game. Nothing much to see here, so let’s move on to the game play in our next section.

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Diamond Mine

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The Quickest Path to the Reels

Diamond Mine behaves like the vast majority of retro slot games on the market. The command bar under the reels contains only a handful of buttons to let you customise your bet settings.

The game is played on 3 reels with up to 5 pay lines, where you have to find symbol combinations in order to land cash prizes in return. Your task consists first of all of choosing a wager with the arrow buttons and then activating pay lines before you can spin the reels and place your bet.

The different cash rewards available in Diamond Mine depend on both the symbol combinations that you find and the amount of money you are placing into the game. You can even click the bet max shortcut to go all-in and take this extra risk to unlock some of the largest pay outs available. Diamond Mine

can also be played in auto spin game mode; activate it to let the reels spin loose for a specific amount of times, keeping your bet settings constant until you decide to come back to the regular game mode.

Nothing New on the Menu

The pay table of Diamond Mine is always conveniently displayed on the right side of the game screen. It contains all the winning combinations available in the game, as well as their cash worth.

The cherries and dollar signs are the two most common symbols of the game, and you can even mix them together to trigger a small cash prize. Worth from 2 to 8 times your wager, these combinations are most likely to show up early in the game.

The bar signs come next on the menu, as always in either single, double or triple format. You can also create a mix combination with them, and win from 5 to 40 times your bet value thanks to them. Last but not least, the red 7s are more elusive in Diamond Mine but worth 100 times your wager.

Dig Deeper and Find the Jackpot

So far, Diamond Mine behaves like a regular slot game with a classic atmosphere and some decent wins available — but nothing much else to be honest.

However, do keep an eye out for the Diamond Mine logos. This rare symbol can appear anywhere and at any time, and even if they do not feature on the regular pay table it does not mean that they are worthless, far from it.

Each diamond that you find on the reels will be transferred into the columns on top of the pay table. As you fill up these columns with diamonds, you will be able to form winning combinations there. Depending on their location, diamond combinations can be worth from 200 to 5,000 times your bet value. Check out the diagram on top of the reels to know which pay line is most advantageous.

One Feature Could Redeem It All

Diamond Mine is a classic slot machine simulator with basic features, average wins on the pay table but one big and surprising special add-on that makes it quite special in the end.

The diamond logos are by far the most important symbols of the entire game, and what you should be aiming for at all costs. Play big and keep an eye out for those diamonds, and you never know what could happen next.

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