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Skulls of Legend Slot

Skulls of Legend sounds like a right swashbuckling romp, and that’s exactly how it plays out. It’s a recent release from iSoftbet, a London-based software house that’s been producing some great-looking slots lately.

The gameplay, HD graphics and movie-quality sound that iSoftbet deploy puts them right up there with the very best. Skulls of Legend looks to continue that legacy, and if first impressions are anything to go by, the game’s a corker.

Ghosts ‘N’ Pirates

Ghosts and pirates are a lethal combo, the sort to strike fear into even the most intrepid of souls. They’re great fodder for a video slot, with clashing cutlasses and ghoulish groans adding a frisson of excitement to proceedings. The action unfolds across 5 reels, with 30 lines whizzing by at high speed before shuddering to a halt.

Pirate ships are familiar territory for slots developers, with Pirates of the Caribbean responsible for the glut of buccaneering games that has saturated the market. Skulls of Legend is more than just another copy of a copy however. The game has enough features and characteristics of its own to keep players engaged.

The game’s proprietary symbols include all the staples you’d expect of a pirate-themed slot: swords, cannons, parrots, marauding pirates and a an attractive looking female pirate who can joust and brawl with the best of ‘em. The basic symbols, including J, Q, K and A, are rendered as ornate letters using an old style script.

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Skulls of Legend

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At the other end of the scale, the most valuable symbol is scatter, played by a ghostly pirate ship that’s reminiscent of the Mary Celeste. Match 5 to score 75x your stake. With a stroke of luck and perfect timing, it’s possible to win 45,000 coins in one fell swoop.

As the reels spin, an epic orchestral score plays. It’s the sort of music that makes you wish you were manning the wheel of a frigate as it speeds into the English Channel with the wind at its back.

Ship Ahoy

Scatter certainly isn’t the only way to score a hefty win in Skulls of Legend, but it’s one of the most profitable. 3 or more ship scatters on the reels will usher in free spins, with 4 free spin bonuses up for grabs. Known as Rum Barrel, Compass, Storm and No Quarter, each conveys its own distinct bonuses.

Rum Barrel will grant you 7 free spins plus any random wilds that remain on the reels for 3 consecutive spins. Compass scores 10 free spins plus 1 wild on the third reel. Storm scores 14 free spins, with at least 1 winning combo guaranteed. No Quarter ups the ante further, with 15 free spins and 1-5 random wilds.

iSoftbet have pulled out all the stops to make Skulls of Legend as engaging and immersive as possible. As you roll the reels, there always seems to be something happening, whether it’s scatter symbols, matching combos or wild symbols cropping up.

Wild works in an unusual way: a counter below each reel fills up every time a wild symbol appears. When 4 wilds have appeared on that reel, the reel is transformed into an extended wild that remains in place for the next 4 spins. It’s another neat touch in a game that isn’t short of neat touches.

Cool Fx, Bro

One of the best things about Skulls of Legend is the way the reels animate. Score a win via the scatter symbols, for example, and the ghost ships come to life, with a smooth animation zooming in on the waves as they wash against the port bow.

There’s always something going on in this game: the scroll that’s laid out across the top of the screen expanding, a treasure chest opening to spill its contents or a pistol-touting pirate skipping across the reels.

Often it’s a case of ‘blink and you miss it’. Was that the pirate wench you just witnessed flitting across the reels as she swings from a rope? It might just have been, but it happened so fast it’s possible your eyes were deceiving you.

For every win, the value is superimposed in large letters on the screen, negating the need to check the running tally at the bottom. Whether you’re visually impaired or blessed with 20-20, you’ll have no trouble determining your wins while playing Skulls of Legend. It might only be a 5-reel slot, but thanks to its array of features, animations and effects, there’s enough here to keep you entertained for days.

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