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Bonus Foot Slot Machine

Say you want a football game but you don’t want to be dribbling a ball or acting as the manager, where do you go? In an industry somewhat obsessed with having the most realistic experience, it can be hard to find a game that doesn’t overwhelm you. 

Fortunately there’s the green screen of Bonus Foot from iSoftBet to give us that much needed dose of footie action, all without the need to get anywhere near a real or virtual ball. This is perfect for when we want to connect with the sport but with minimal effort. What is more, it’s great for when we want to try and make ourselves a bit of cash; more money never hurt anyone. 

The 3 reels and 5 paylines of this game are very basic in nature, with the overall aesthetic a lot more old school than what you may be accustomed to. However, if you can get over the dated design, you’ll find a minimalist activity that delivers a lot of wins but little else. It’s uncomplicated, much like football itself. 

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Bonus Foot

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Champion Footwork

According to a lot of reviews out there, Bonus Foot has a bonus round, but that’s a poor way of describing the main feature of the title. Instead of there being a feature game inside the base one, you merely have a rogue tile that can gift you extremely large cash prizes. 

What is more, usually with bonus rounds they’re not described or shown in detail, often to keep the mystery of the title alive. However, with Bonus Foot you see the ‘bonus paytable’ above the normal one, showing that there’s nothing enigmatic about it. All players need to do is get a grid filled with the Bonus Foot logos, a feat that is very taxing but hugely rewarding; as much as 10,000 credits can be won when this is achieved. 

However, while this money can be gifted to you, you don’t have to do anything else other than match the tiles, hence us going out there and calling time on the lie of a bonus game. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s have a look at the second half. 

Aim for the Goal

Lining up a shot is a nerve-racking moment, as is landing it; so much can go wrong in such a short space of time, and everyone is watching as you do it. Fortunately for those playing with this online activity, nobody can see your misses but you, which means making them doesn’t feel as bad. Sure, it still stinks, but that’s about the extent of it. 

What’s most odd about the paytable before us, is that the lowest paying tile is actually the one used for the huge payouts, which seems bizarre. Even more unusual is how common this characteristic seems to be in iSoftBet’s games. Personally, we feel it just doesn’t work and that it’s much better to have different symbols for different outcomes, that way everything remains easy to follow. 

Should you manage to move further up the table though and secure better icons, like the orange 7s, you’ll be getting a return of 40 credits. As you can see, the big wins don’t take place with these mundane tiles, but with the selection of Bonus Foot symbols and them alone. 

Magic Feet

Blessed or not with skill, you have to play like everyone else, and that means making a stake of some kind. This is assuming that you intend to play with money to get cash in return. If you want all the gaming action but none of the glory, you can easily stick with the demo version of Bonus Foot. Both of the experiences are entertaining in their own ways, though one is obviously a lot loss physically rewarding. 

The amount you can place on the lines you choose to have active is between 0.02 and 2 coins, which seems to be the staple amount that iSoftBet go for across their gaming range. Moreover, you’ll then need to select how many coins valued at this amount are used in total. 

Match Day Victory

Bonus Foot from iSoftBet is the kind of slot machine that we were used to seeing several years back, when the online gambling scene was a more niche pastime. In that respect, the title fails to live up to the modern standards of casual gaming. 

That being said, just because slot machines have come along way since then, doesn’t mean that this particular one should be forgotten, and so we’d recommend it to all retro gamers.

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