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The Prince’s Quest Slots

The journey of a prince isn’t without its trials and losses, with the quest of love always being the hardest of challenges to overcome. In this slot machine from iSoftBet, our prince is merely going about his life. The expectations that have been placed upon him have proven more than enough to busy him, without any need to step outside the palace walls. 

Not that he won’t have to deal with the harsh flames of a dragon crashing through the dense stonewalls. Nor will he be able to ignore the demands of having to choose a princess, the one-day future queen, which definitely begs the question of whether the dragon is the worst of his worries…? As an advisor, it’s your job to make his life easier, but what will happen to your life once you start down this path? 

Sound Structure

The dynamics of this slot machine could be compared to any other, which believe it or not isn’t a slight on the design. In fact, we welcome the familiarity. When playing so many different online activities, it helps when you can instantly go from one to another without having to learn a new set of controls. 

Despite the controls being the same as most iSoftBet titles, the features of the paytable are very different, with the bonus and special extras all exclusive to The Prince’s Quest. To help you get a clearer picture, there’s a 5,000 bonus round to be activated, alongside a multiplying scatter icon and a rather wealthy princess symbol worth an additional 5,000 credits. 

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The Prince’s Quest

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Establishing Trade Links

Any Kingdom, no matter its size, has to establish strong trading links in order to survive; not only is this good for business, but it’s good for general relations as a whole. For talks to succeed in The Prince’s Quest, a match of two, three, four or five symbols need to be made, except for the symbol that requires just a match of one. 

By triggering these groupings upon a winline, you will earn yourself coins – coins which can then be placed back into the kingdom and used elsewhere. 

The lowest of the ranking icons are the card values, with the J and Q being the peasants of the paytable; no matter which of these you get, the outcome will be the same, either 2, 10, 50 or 100 credits. As we move on up through the ranks, the values of the symbols increase, giving users a more fruitful game to savour, with the princess we mentioned before at the head of it all. Though, as we all know, she isn’t the only means of bagging yourself five big ones. 

When it comes to the bonus round, not much is known about what the uncharted land has in store for those who venture deep enough however, what people do know is that the stories speak of at least three matching bonus tiles. Sometimes the return will be a x100 multiplier and at others it will be the large windfall, but nobody will ever know until the time is right. 

A Fine Display

In The Prince’s Quest, you don’t have to flex your muscles to put on a good show, you need only place a small wager and the kingdom will be cheering with glee. The amount you’re able to bet is priced between 0.10 and 10 credits, making this an accessible quest for all knights, not just those with a title and sufficient rank. 

In regards to the number of winlines you can spread the bet over, there are only 5 in total, making this a low variance game, much as we suspected given the simplicity of the design and paytable. The one aspect that doesn’t suit the basic nature of the game is that up to 250 automatic games can be played, which seems like an unnecessary amount to us. Utilising an option such as an infinity symbol would have been far more useful. 

Fit for a King?

The prince of our tale doesn’t seem to have the right credentials to ever rule his kingdom effectively, and so we can’t fully back The Prince’s Quest; it just doesn’t provide enough substance for us. 

This title doesn’t move us or encourage us to play again, and so we’ll seek out adventures elsewhere, from other kingdoms, maybe outside of the iSoftBet region.

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