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Dwarf’s Gold Slot

What’s the one item that dwarves always seem to have, be there a little or a lot of it? That’s right, it’s gold. These tiny gentlemen go through life being seen as greedy, but who cares when they have so much money to play about with. You want to be like them, right? Who wouldn’t. That's why we’re presenting Dwarf’s Gold to you, a 5-winline slot machine that comes straight from the minds of InBet Games.

If you’ve come across the brand and their work before, you’ll be aware that they tend to do a lot of features similar, but their style is always quite varied; it’s one of their most renowned qualities. Some may be divided by this fact, for they want to have a different set of bonuses each time, but those same people will be hard pushed to find any brand that does that too often. So, putting that aside, let’s crack on with the gameplay and properly see what these dwarves have to offer us, besides gold that is.

Is That a Butterfly?

Yes, we couldn’t quite believe our eyes either, but the artwork of Dwarf’s Gold showcases a butterfly, arguably the most out of place tile of the whole game. Besides the number 7 on the grid, that is. Why the brand felt the need to include these two odd images we just don’t know, as they certainly don’t add to the aesthetic shown, in fact we’d say that they take away from the atmosphere they’re trying to create.

If we were to ignore these two blunders, we’d say that the overall effect is a gritty one, with the redheaded dwarf looking mighty stressed after a hard day of mining. For saying this is a small slot machine, both in winlines and reels, it has a lot of character to its name. Sadly, however, that character is harmed by the two aforementioned icons. Perhaps the rest of the game will make up for this oversight? We can only hope.

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Dwarf’s Gold

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Time for a Game

We were, originally, going to look into the main features of this game, but then the gamble feature popped up and we couldn’t help but start there. As far as the dynamics of it go, it’s straightforward in its setup: there’s a single card, flashing from one suit to the next, with you needing to choose between the two options given. You have five attempts, if you keep getting it right, but obviously if you get it wrong you’ll end up back at the base game.

Even though we appreciate that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, it would be nice to see brands try something a little different when it comes to options such as this. We know that InBet has it in them because they delivered something different with Aladdin’s Lamp; that was a much more immersive option to be engaging with. As far as pay-ins go, the minimum betacross all lines is 5, while the maximum is 500.

Where's the Gold?

Okay, now that we’ve exhausted all the other points of interest, we’re going to finally take a look at the paytable of Dwarf’s Gold. We’re going to be honest straight from the off and explain that there’s no extra features to engage with other than the cash prizes you see. That might not exactly instill excitement inside of you, but sometimes simplicity is better than anything else.

In regards to the amount of cash you can expect to win back, you’ll need to keep an eye on your bets - the more you wager the greater the returns you can receive. As much as 500,000 credits can be yours, but you’d have to stake 500 for that to happen, and we can all appreciate that that’s a serious amount of money to be dishing out. Other than the money, there’s not a lot of diversity to go around - even the scatter icon just pays cash.

Troll Toll

There’s not only dwarves to play with in slot machines, but there’s also trolls as well, this time brought to you by the whimsical developers of NetEnt; their Trolls slot machine is a magical place for adults. It’s a much larger grid at 20 paylines, and it has a much more engaging aesthetic, making it a lot more easy going on the eyes. What is more, there’s actually bonus rounds to play through rather than a standard paytable, which again makes it all the more interesting. For us, there’s no question which is the more lively option out of the two.

Not All Is Golden

This is the first time that we’ve played one of InBet’s games and not really enjoyed it. From a purist perspective, it’s great if you like minimalism, but for those wanting more depth, there’s not a lot to this 3x5 matrix. That being said, this real cash slot isn’t nearly as mundane as the 3-reels of Explosive Cocktail. We’d say to try one of the brand’s other titles, like Age of Knights, or to look somewhere else.

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