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Candy and Fruits Slot Machine

Before we are swarmed with an endless streak of ‘whys’ and ‘wheres’, allow us a moment to clear the air for the general sake of universal order.

It’s been a while since Candy and Fruits was unveiled by Merkur as a part of their throwback campaign that included other classics like 3-card blackjack and a host of games modified for live gaming experience. The reason to cover Candy and Fruits now is to throw some light on a few exciting features that you would certainly welcome as a player.

Time to Reap Fruits of your Labour – SERIOUSLY!

The greatest of philosophers have said that you should keep discharging your duties without the slightest of expectation of rewards. That sounds capital, but let’s just say that Candy and Fruits doesn’t bother enough to push you in a corner where you will be left to contemplate such things.

It’s a simple and unassuming rendition of traditional arcade games that virtually ruled the video game era. Right from annoying tick-tack sounds to automated cheers of celebration, everything your memory has associated with those games is present here, and in good, solid doses.

For starters, there are five reels and only three paylines. You can wager money (more about that later) in incremental fashion, like is a norm for slot games. The best part is, you need not get stuck on 3 paylines indefinitely. Whenever your spin returns a positive reward (even 1 cent), you unlock two extra paylines. This can go on until there are 10 (sigh!) paylines in total for you to wager money on. If you reach the stage where you have the regal luxury of making use of all 10 paylines, you will be able to arrange them in three batches of 4, 3 and 3, as per your liking (it doesn’t really make a difference, as far as we have come to know, though).

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Candy and Fruits

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Making Wagers – Small and Steady Is the Mantra!

There is a tacit rule of slots that many players swear day and night by – make large wagers on one payline, rather than making small wagers on many.

We would beg to differ, at least as far as Candy and Fruits is concerned.

This particular slot features crammed paylines, meaning that odds are stacked in YOUR favour to win if you distribute your wagers among all 10 available paylines. Of course, this is no Burke’s Peerage directory that will lead to sure-fire success. But, for sure, take it as food for thought.

Wagers can be made in steps of 5 cents, starting from 5 cents. The upper cap for a wager for a single payline is $2. So, in the best-case scenario, you will be able to wager a maximum of $20 across all paylines.

As per the information provided by Merkur, the maximum payout multiplier for Candy and Fruits is x5,000 per payline. So, if you wager the highest possible $2 on a winning payline, you will stand to win $10,000, given that your lucky stars have aligned in that impossible constellation to bring the best of combos on all five of reels alive.

Winning Matters, and How!

Winning does matter. Nobody plays to lose, right?

A number of players report satisfactory odds while playing Candy and Fruits, and hence, we would like to assume that it’s a fairly rewarding experience altogether. Winners are typically provided a go at a bespoke Merkur option of double-or-nothing. This is where we would leave your instincts to take over.

The Tale of Forgotten Candy and Fruits Basket

There is only one wild symbol in Candy and Fruits, and it won’t take an Einstein to dig the answer. The ever so elusive Candy and Fruits basket is what you need to strike some really sweet fortunes. The basket can double up as a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. In short, that little basket is all you need to make your worries for the night go away.

Making Sense of the Look

The game interface is a standardized depiction of an actual fruit-slot machine with mildly delightful graphics that you would probably not even look at if you end up winning.

Three main inputs – activator button, wager entry button and payout selection portal – are what you need to be familiar with. If you already are, you are good to go hunting some green.

Like Taking Candy…

In a nutshell, all we have to say about Candy and Fruits is that it’s an enormously enjoyable slot that you can have fun with, without too much fussing about. You may win, you may well not – but the bottom line remains – you will have fun watching those fruits go berserk at your command.

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