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Fruitopia Slot Machine

Fruitopia is a non-progressive game from Merkur Gaming and features 5 paylines over 3 reels. You are brought to a strange utopia where there is nothing but fruit that all across the universe. Your goal will be to conquer all these sugar-filled natural treats to make your way to the game’s jackpot.

Across the 3 reels, you will come face to face with all manner of fruit. As the game unfolds, will you have the guts to take the big bite and get what you came for, with the possible help of the joker?

How much fruit is enough fruit?

Well the logical answer is five a day, if we are to believe the official recommendations from the authorities. However, we are not talking about actual fruit here, so you can have your fill. That being said, the same is not true regarding the stake, given that you are restricted to a 10-euro maximum limit per bet – which should still be enough to yield big wins.

Despite restrictions like this already in place, Merkur Gaming has done all that was possible in order to ensure that the players would have a good time playing and winning on the reels of Fruitopia.

The game is quite simple to play. Just like most slot games, it is all about the spins. You need to match either three, four or five of the same fruit across the five paylines to win a slice of the jackpot.

It’s really as simple as that, and that simplicity should allow players with different levels of experience with slot games to come and have fun in Fruitopia. This sort of lack of depth when it comes to the gameplay can be a double-edged sword in the long term, though.

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Fruits you can count on

The basic premise of Fruitopia that you are in a fruit-laden idyllic world, and nothing much more than that. The fruit theme is obviously a reference to the traditional symbols in vintage slot games, which many players who feel a little nostalgic of the good old times will be pleased to rediscover here, with improved graphics.

However, the graphics make up for this rather unoriginal theme. They add some crisp edges and a nice tone throughout. Graphics are very important, especially when you are playing a game for any extended period of time. Fruitopia certainly holds up on that front.

The gameplay in itself is quite addictive, which might have something to do with all the fruits on screen. Whatever it is, Fruitopia certainly has the necessary argument to lure players in and make them stay for good.

Fruity riches all over

In terms of reel symbols, Fruitopia sticks to the obvious choices and provides players with a fruit selection that contains just seven basic elements in total.

The lower symbols are the Strawberry and the Cherry, quickly followed by the Plum, Lemon and Orange. The highest-ranking fruits on the reels are the Watermelon and Grapes. If you play well and had luck on your side, these juicy icons should line up often and deliver their big rewards.

Fruitopia also goes a step further with a special symbol: the Wild Jester. Not only is he worth the most on the entire paytable, but he can also substitute for any of the fruits we have just mentioned. And for an added fun gameplay element, all the wins you score in Fruitopia can be randomly multiplied by 2, 3, 5 or even 7.

More than just plain fruit

Fruitopia certainly has its good and bad points. On the plus side, the graphics are splendid with a crisp design and smart tones. You can play this game for hours on end without truly getting bored. The key advantage to this game, as many players have already realised, are the multiple winning possibilities and that element of randomness added by the secret Multiplier, available at any time throughout the game.

That being said, the lack of originality in the choice of game universe could become a major drawback for players looking for something new. Fruit themes are not news, and most players will have already played several games that look and feel just like Fruitopia. True beginners will probably find this Merkur Gaming creation a fine gateway to the slot game universe, given its lack of complexity and overall relaxed atmosphere. More experimented players will, however, probably get bored quite fast.

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