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Extra 10 Liner Slot

Diamonds, as James Bond once quite famously said, are forever. If you get a chance to play and win big at Extra 10 Liner, we can say it with great confidence that you will agree in fullness with that sentiment.

Someone like James Bond would need guns, helicopters and fast cars to succeed. You need not go to those lengths, though. All you have to pack is your luck and a few short changed coins to spare. Get set and go – let the magic diamonds run its course.

Can Playing Safe Help?

Playing safe is indeed the best way to keep your funds afloat. But the real rush of playing slots is known to those who are willing to take a chance – because that’s when they are best poised to win. After all, fortune favours the brave.

Extra 10 Liner holds no punches in its gloves. It’s a straightforward, no-fuzz and no-froth slot game that will help you have a candid conversation with your luck. If she talks back, then who knows, that might be the most sonorous voice you would ever hear.

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Extra 10 Liner

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Understanding the Interface

Just like its general philosophy of staying away from all things chic, Extra 10 Liner takes no special efforts to over-complicate its classic gaming interface. It becomes an even more appreciable fact when you consider that this game was developed quite recently, in the first quarter of 2015 actually.

There are three major operators – wager selection panel (where you can input the number of wagers to be made on various paylines), payline activator (that allows you to activate/deactivate a payline) and reel spinner (a virtual lever that sets the reels into a frenzied cyclonic voyage).

Merkur who make many of the most popular online slots have made great attempts to make this as realistic as possible, by allowing its interface and gameplay resemble the real thing quite uncannily. HD graphics and customisable sound effects mean that it is a delight to let the wheels speak for themselves.

Simple – but Not Simplistic!

Extra 10 Liner is utterly simple to get going with. But don’t let that get you off the guard, because despite looking simple enough, it’s not at all simplistic.

Unlike many other modern slot games, Extra 10 Liner doesn’t feature fancy paylines. All 10 paylines it has are distributed in a rigid order of 4-3-3 with linear spread – no zigzag, no nothing.

The 5 reels present here are slotted with riches in a variety of avatars – from diamond studs to diamond rings and from sacks of gold to not-so-subtle stacks of cash. Get them together in the right order and that’s all there’s to it – it’s payout time.

The Science of Money – an Academic (!) Discourse

There’s science to everything, even money (so we think). So, let’s crack the code for payouts for Extra 10 Liner. It has 10 paylines, each of which can be wagered for set amounts within the brackets of 10 cents and $20. If your pot of luck is filled to the brim with the nectar overflowing in anticipation, you can win a maximum of $10,000 – provided that you have bet the maximum on all paylines.

In an event of all-minimum paylines, you can earn $50 – not bad at all, considering you haven’t really worked too hard for it.

Bonuses – Putting Meat on the Bones

Winning $10,000 is really impressive, luck notwithstanding. But what if you could double it up with the click of a correct button? Sounds exciting?

It can happen, IF you choose to make it happen. Extra 10 Liner allows each jackpot winner a rare chance of doubling their winnings with the help of two wholly Merkur-styled gambling options – the stairway to heaven and the dealer of doom.

It’s agreed that they both are games of high risks and abysmal odds. But on a day when you win the jackpot, not much can go wrong for you, can it?

Extra Fun

The best part about Extra 10 Liner is the fact that it wastes NO TIME WHATSOEVER in getting right to the point – wagering, spinning and winning.

It has all the ingredients of an impressive slot packed full – good payouts, easy gameplay, no fillers, no air and great bonuses. Working like stealthy Mata Hari, Extra 10 Liner would try to pull one over you. But if you are vigilant (and fortunate) enough, you might beat it at its own game. A smash hit at online casinos in Germany, you can play this game for free or for real at any site with Merkur slots..

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