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Ah the glitter of gold. Humanity has lost the count of wars waged and treaties forged just to be on the right side of some shiny stashes of this precious metal that can make or break relationships, trusts and the most cherished alliances. Persia, that old land of djinns and fakirs, where fountains of honey once quenched the thirsts of wandering caravans, used to be a global warehouse of gold in a long-forgotten era. For the golden of heart though, a fair shot at handling all this bling is finally here. And the agent provocateur here is Gold of Persia, a shiny new slot game introduced by Merkur in 2015.

But All That Glitters Is Not Gold…

It’s a sad realization, isn’t it? All that soothes is not elixir, all that satiates is not ambrosia and all that glistens is certainly not gold. In other words, if you have to lay your hands on some gold, you need to work for it. Also, you need to be aware of the fact that riches of this magnitude are often spelt as T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

So, think twice – again – before you jump on board this quest to retrieve the lost tonnage of gold in the sandy expanses of Persia where friendships are impossible to find and enmities are impossible to avert.

The first thing that will strike your fancy hard and fast is the golden ambiance of this enticing video slot. Everything – from activators to symbols – seems to be drenched to the core in gold syrup, perhaps in an attempt to keep you focussed on what your true objective here is. The storyline revolves around the magical (and, at times, subliminally annoying) exploits of Scheherazade and her never-ending tales of one thousand and one nights. It’s very easy to get lost in these Arabian fables – precisely why you should keep one eye on your wagers.

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Gold of Persia

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Gold Rush Is Back in Vogue

Since time immemorial, gold rushes in various parts of the world have shaped cultures, customs and political landscapes. It’s quite natural for you to want to be a part of it all. But as you would be quite aware of it, you need to shed sweat and blood to win wars. Extending that analogy to modern times, it would be justifiable to say that you have to sow money to reap gold.

Making optimum wagers is the all-too-important step in an evenly balanced slot game like Gold of Persia where all you have to work with is a rather claustrophobic room of 5 reels and 5 paylines. Make small wagers distributed over all paylines or put all of your eggs in one basket – the choice is all yours. If you are riding your lucky day and wearing your lucky pants, nothing you do will matter. You will invariably walk out manifold richer than when you began your crusade with. Spare a thought for the land of golden smoke though, as she wallows in the bereavement of her beloved gold.

Talking Money

That’s our favourite part, as you would have guessed by now. Gold of Persia offers handsome rewards for players who are bold enough to wager healthy bets. Each payline can carry a maximum load of $10 that can be evenly split into 10 cent portions. To make your burden lighter, there are easy-to-operate (+) and (-) buttons on the home screen to help you make the correct wager (one coin = 10 cents).

Regular symbols are three face cards of the deck (King, Queen and Jack), along with 9 and 10. These, when dropped in full sequences (partial sequences don’t pay out here, sadly!), will help you win your wagers back. They may not look meaty, but they will help you keep motivated, for sure.

The real deal, however, are special symbols. The Prince of Persia is the wild symbol here that, in a rather unlikely combination of 5x5, can help you win $10,000 – irrespective of your wagers. Flashier is the scatter symbol Scheherazade, the protagonist of the story herself. She can help your day come alive by offering x2 winnings, plus enough free spins to make plunder more Persian gold.

Sizing up the Loot

Gold of Persia is more than a mere slot game. It’s a full-scale video gaming experience replete with interesting characters, coherent stories and mind-soothing payouts. It is easily available on all modern gameplay devices that can handle HTML5 (that includes pretty much every smartphone and tablet).

We would be really surprised if we still don’t find you waging a lone gold war in Persia, sooner rather than later!

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